One Thing is For Sure…

This PM I happened across the following paragraph in a reflection by SI writer Peter King about the American Cemetery near Omaha Beach:

“And in the placid, 172-acre American Cemetery, kept so pristinely by a staff of 25 gardeners that it would pass for a Connecticut golf course if not for the 9,387 Italian marble crosses that uniformly dot the serene place above the sea, you see grave sites of thousands and thousands of eternally resting men (and four women). The crosses, with inscriptions, face west toward America, as perfect a cemetery as there could be on earth.”

I got teary reading the rest of the piece, but as I finished I realized something.

Whoever laid out that cemetery was not from the American South.

Because if they were, one significant detail would be different.

I have seen it in numerous cemeteries and courthouse greens across Virginia. 

Can you identify the detail?

You see, the tombstones would not be facing toward home, but toward Germany…so they could keep an eye on the people they fought…just in case.


One thought on “One Thing is For Sure…

  1. Bwana:
    I had to actually think about that one a minute, but you are dead on. I do not think we do enough to honor our veterans in this country, but we need to!!!
    Take Care,
    Bwana Fan in Vienna

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