The Clinton’s Suddenly Want Ethical Fundraising?

Apparently Team Clinton is ticked off because David Geffen, after raising $1,300,000.00 for Barack Obama, voiced his opinion that Hillary C. could not reunite the country and that The Comeback Kid himself is a “reckless guy”.

Hillary’s staff cried out in pain, demanding an apology, that Geffen sever ties with Obama, and that funds raised by Geffen be returned.

Obama’s campaign politely refused, and asked where was the Clintonian ire when Geffen was sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom and raising $18 million for Bill Clinton.

Glad to see that the Clinton’s are suddenly-and belatedly-showing some sensitivity toward campaign fundraising…even if it is eing done in opposition to Hillary…one must start somewhere.

Given the documented ethical excesses of the Clinton White House, from peccadilloes to pardons and everything in between, one might think of the wisdom bestowed years ago to those who live in glass houses.

One would be wrong…

Abso-friggin’-lutely amazing


One thought on “The Clinton’s Suddenly Want Ethical Fundraising?

  1. For the Hilary to be in such a fuss in my mind is like “the pot calling the kettle, black!!” So long as your are raising money for them it is ok, but decide to support sombody else, then your actions are questioned…This country needs to tell both Clintons to go crawl back under that Arkansas rock they both came from.
    Take Care Bwana,
    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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