Will It Happen?

WMD #1 had birthday 8 yesterday, and the run-up to the same has had me away from my keyboard…but today could mark an event that will have a vast number of conservatives partying like it is 1999, or at least as energetically as my son and his cohorts did yesterday.

The Virginia political blogosphere is atwitter about the possibility that today state Senator John Chichester will announce that he is not running for re-election.  The thought has James Bacon, James Atticus Bowden, BVBL, VCAP, and others salivating.  I think it a good thing for the Commonwealth if he did for reasons discussed earlier.

However, all these rumors seem to be coming from folks who would not seem to have a direct pipeline to the senator, so not having the word from himself I will, like the rest of the world, wait and see what happens today.

My thought is that it is likely that even if Chichester is not running, in the face of such anticipation he will hold off until tomorrow or later just to annoy all those breathlessly hoping he will retire to the banks of the Rappahannock.


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