Orrin Kline, Sr. RIP

Life has been extremely hectic for me recently, hence the dearth of posts.  However, a recent event must be mentioned.

 Yesterday the earthly remains of Orrin Kline, Sr., 98 years old, were laid to rest at Cannon Branch Cemetery.  I note his passing for several reasons:

Orrin was a good man, and a neighbor of ours in Manassas for many years. As my father said, “He was the most honest person I ever knew … and was very generous in his work with the church. Orrin will be missed by my family.” My mom and dad and Orrin’s son and daughter in law were very close, so close as to pretty much be part of each other’s family.  My sister and I even called Orrin Sr. “Grand DaddY”.  When my mother passed many years ago, Orrin and his late wife Elva were a source of comfort and support for all of us.

Orrin was a successful politician. He was lead man in the property acquisition of Lake Manassas for the Town of Manassas, and worked hand in hand with Harry Parrish to take Manassas to City status. Orrin served on the Manassas Town and then City Council from 1959-1978, and then again in 1979-1980 when he was appointed to fill an unexpired term. Orrin spent 13 of those years as Vice-Mayor to Harry’s Mayor, and together they changed their corner of the world.

Orrin was a successful businessman, coming to work for Milt Hottle in the memorial stone in the mid 1920’s, then buying the business on Milt’s passing in 1945, and later selling it when he retired. When you drive by Kline’s Memorial on Va. 28 in Manassas, know that said establishment was not just formerly owned by Orrin Kline, but that it is the second oldest business establishment in Manassas.

Orrin knew what he knew, and was not afraid to say it. At the age of 95 he was asked by a physician how Orrin accounted for his good health. The reply, “I never smoked tobacco, I never drank alcohol, and I’m a good Republican.”

I miss him already…they just don’t make them like that any more.

God Speed,


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