Kudos to Melinda Doolittle

While I normally leave AI comments to my pal vivian, something happend last night on Amiecan Idol (AI) that is worthy of comment.  Those of you who follow AI know what I am talking about, and it ain’t the oh-so-late expulsion of Sanjaya or the VT eye roll snafu of Simon Colwell.

Last night results would move six of seven contestants to the next round.  Ryan “All Media, All the Time” Seacrest [Sidebar: Where is Dunkleman these days?] directed the first six to either the left or right hand sides of the stage.  Melinda was #7.  Seacrest told her she was safe, and asked her to join the group that she though was also safe.

Melinda D. refused.  She just shook her head, sat down on the stage, and refused to judge her fellow contestants.

 Good for you, Melinda!

 Two years ago Ryan “Idiot Walking” Seacrest did the same thing, but #7 was Bo Bice.  Brother Bo also refused to pick sides, simply taking a position between the two groups of three and joining neither.

One would think AI already scores enough points for embarassing and demeaning its competitors-but that is through judging and camera editing, and the contestants knew that was coming when they signed up. 

This is a little different and hurtful…and don’t we already have enough of that apcray these days?

Good on ya, Melinda D.!


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