Meandering Ruminations…

The last month has been fully populated with landmark events, from my tenth wedding anniversary to SWMBO, WMD#2 6th birthday, a Double Toastmasters district win, work projects, plus the regular time commitments that come with a wife in grad school and two kids playing sports.

While the full content hiatus comes to an end shortly, there are a few things that have been bugging me recently I thought I should toss out to show Bwana ain’t dead yet.

**Lindsay Lohan is back in rehab.  What a shock.
**Cindy Sheehan is cracking up.  What a shock
**Aint’ it funny how all policy comes down to whose ox is being gored?  Liberal groups came out out against various death penalty additions saying they were not needed, as we already had a death penalty.  Conservatives say it is needed to give additional protection to certain categories of public officials due to criminal attitudes..  At the same time, conservatives come out against special penalties for actions that are considered hate crimes, noting there are already crimes against assault and battery and other crimes against the person.  Liberals reply these additional laws protect classes of people who require additional protection due to certain societal attitudes.
**Anyone heading toward the OBX this summer beware of the I-64 stretch heading west just east of Hampton. The road narrows from five lanes to two…and the merge tain’t pretty at all.
**By the same token, while at the OBX you cannot lose by eating at The Blue Point or the Red Sky Cafe. Also, Zero’s subs, legendary creature of Virginia Beach, has made it’s appearance with a store in Corolla…visit it and ask for Russ…still serving the best subs on the eastern seaboard!
**Months ago I urged the GOP to adopt and elocute a vision for where they want to lead Virginia. Amazingly, I was ignored. Now the Senate primaries are full of challenges between the “status-quo” incumbents and the energetic anti-tax challengers…and still no vision is being offered by either side.
**The public debate is regretably enhanced by the silence in the Virginia 37th senate race.
**I miss Ginsu knives.
**The old fashioned general store with all sorts of things you had no idea you needed until you happened upon it has been replaced by the “As Seen on TV” stores popping up here and there.
**Read the book “Made to Stick”. Well worth your time.
**Sanford’s “Invisible Prey”-excellent read.

That is about it for now…more later.


2 thoughts on “Meandering Ruminations…

  1. Bwana:
    Glad you’re back writing and expounding on the many facets of life here in NoVa. Was worried something was really wrong. Look forward to many interestings musing to come. Happy Anniversary to you and your SWMBO.

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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