Dumb and Dumber, Round 2

The Cooch and J-O-K are at it again.

 In the most recent Cuccinnelli Compass, SenKen relates how a young man named Al Bender, a self proclaimed pro-lifer from New Jersey, came to a campaign fundraiser and while there volunteered to assist with the Cuccinelli campaign.  He asked to be put on the email list for internal memo’s and the like…which apparently he was.

Something tips them off that Bro Bender has a Facebook entry where he states his favorite books are 1984 and Lord of the Flies, and has volunteered for several democratic candidates.  Finally, he is discovered working at the Fairfax Democrats booth at “Celebrate Fairfax”, where The Cooch sees him and confronts him, and the intrepid mole breaks down, confesses adn apologizes.

Senken promises more information about Janet O’s efforts to infiltrate his campaign.

Now, I am not sure which is more ridiculous…J-O-K trying to infiltrate the Cuccinelli campaign staff (said moles are always discovered, and the sponsoring candidate is seldom thought well of of for the attempt), or the SenKen campaign actually putting this complete and unvetted newby on their internal email list.  Maybe the Cooch and Janet-O are too worried about fundraising to keep an eye on the store.  Maybe they have complete ma-roons running their campaigns.

We, the voters, can walk away from this episode knowing a few things: 
1. Either way, neither campaign is apparently operating at full steam.
2. Although both sides engaged in dubious behavior, this episode shows Cuccinelli erring on the side of inclusiveness and comaraderie, and Oleszek erring on the side of being sneaky and deviouis.  I always prefer the mistake made by a good heart to the mistake made by the scheming and mischeivous  mind.

I imagine the general public will see it the same way.


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