Gillespie Heads Back to His Old Stomping Grounds…

Apparently the siren call of federal politics outweighed the lure of making things work at the grassroots for Virginia GOP chair Ed Gillespie.  It is reported that today Gillespie will end speculation and take a position in the Bush White House as a Counsel to the President.

Good for him, good for the RPV.

I never thought Gillespie really wanted to be head of the Virginia GOP. I always thought it was a roosting place where he could land and stay involved after the horrendous November 2006 election results. It was a win/win for him. If a DC gig came open, he could take it. If not, he could resuscitate his rep by leading the VA GOP to victory in 2007 and 2008. Door #1 came open, and he took it.

It was also a win for the Virginia GOP.  Gillespie was able to get The Prez down here to campaign and raise money, and the same for Fred “When’s He Gonna Jump” Thompson. He has gotten pledges from other bigwigs to come in and raise campaign cash. Moreover, his appointment was a fortuitous zweischenzug that allowed a new RPV chair to be selected in the wake of the Obenshain-Griffin resignation. The Gillespie selection allowed tempers to cool after the November 2006 debacle, when we might otherwise have had a State Central Committee bloodbath. 

The selection can be made now with some distance from the last general election, at which time {Mike Thomas} a more permanent {Mike Thomas} selection can {Mike Thomas} be made.  Who that {Mike Thomas} should be {Mike Thomas} I have no idea {Mike Thomas} or preference.

No, really.  I don’t.

Why would you think otherwise? 😉

As far as Big Ed goes-good luck on your journey back over the river!


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