Who Should Be the New RPV Chair?

My college roomie once bought a car pretty much because it was the opposite of the car he had and was no longer happy with. He grabbed that new car without giving a great deal of thought to what his future transportation needs would be, and regretted the decision for several years.

I hope the Virginia GOP doesn’t do the same about selecting a new Republican Party of Virginia (RPV) chairman…that will not be a good decision, because it will not be an informed decision.

Example-the gang at TCoffers its take on potential candidates for the chairman’s job at RPV, focusing on John Hager and George Allen. The post also includes a response at #16 with a list of potential RPV chairman candidates…and it is a fairly good one. It includes:

John Hager
Mike Thomas
Randy Minchew
George Allen
Paul Harris
Mike Thompson, Jr.
Chief Deputy Attorney General Bill Mims
Chuck Smith
Mayor George Fitch

However, the post-which focuses on who will be the chair-fails to address the more salient issue of what should the RPV chair be like? What skills are needed in the position?

[Before we go further, let me allow I am in the bag for Mike Thomas for the position. I have known him for years, he is a good man and a gifted campaign technician. While some might say he has the Allen baggage on his record, my information suggests that had he not come on board in the late stages of the campaign things would not even have been as close as they were. Post- “Macacca” the reason George still had a chance to win was because Mike signed up.]

The reason I ask is that TC posits John Hager and George Allen as leading candidates. OK, reasonable choices. However, this suggestion does not address the matter of what we need.

The Va GOP needs to decide what qualities we need in the Chairman. Beyond personal qualities like candor, honesty, energy, etc., there are ways to categorize potential chairmen:

A) Charismatic leader-a cheerleader who can motivate the troops and help raise money
B) Party Elder-an experienced leader with gravitas and experience who can get warring factions to work together
C) Party Technician- never held elected office and whose skill is making campaigns work; strong on campaign strategy and tactics, by typically not the first person you think of to rouse the troops
D) Future Promise-filling the position with someone the party wants to give visibility to for a future candidacy.
E) Boring Moneybags-can raise large sums of money, but is not a great political leader
F) —Fill in the blank—

Take a look at this list. Take a look at the list above at post 16. How many of the folks listed hit how many of these categories?

Which of these skills does the RPV need? Which does it want? The Va GOP should figure this out and then and only then conduct the candidate search.

Determining needs prior to selecting the new chair will be like accepting a pig in a poke…and that is never a wise course of action.


4 thoughts on “Who Should Be the New RPV Chair?

  1. Well Bwana,

    I like Mike as well, and I agree that had it not been for Mike coming in, then this past years Senate Race, would have been worse. Which says that The Former Senator should have called all of the guys who got him there, and got him the Governors Mansion as well, earlier then he did.
    However, my friend, I am leaning more towards John Hager. We need someone who can do the party building and raise the funds necessary that will bring us back to prominence in Statewide elections. John is the type of person who is hard to say no to, so he does fit the bill for uniter. He knows what it takes to win a Statewide Election, he has already done that for himself and others. I believe John would be the better re-builder of a RPV that has it share of problems and can bring all views together to start winning elections again.
    Good Luck and talk to you soon,
    Bwana Fan In Vienna

  2. I hope we don’t end up with John Hager. He’s not a uniter, he’s a Democrat. He already worked for one. We need a Republican. Charlie Judd for Chair!

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