It appears Cindy is a go…

You may recall how anti-war activist and recent rejector of the Democratic Party Cindy Sheehan announced that if Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t seek President Bush’s impeachment by July 23, 2007, Sheehan would run against Pelosi in 2008.

Yesterday while in DC Ms. Sheehan again said that unless Pelosi initiated the impeachment process going by midnight, Sheehan would challenge her.

Well, it is is July 24, 2007, and the most shocking story to hit the internet in the last few hours is the most recent Lindsay Lohan arrest, so apparently there is no impeachment process afoot…so I reckon Ms. Sheehan is running….toward a candidacy, toward the spotlights, toward the media attention she apparently desparately craves.


2 thoughts on “It appears Cindy is a go…

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