Does This Mean Art Gets the HOF in 2008?

Tonight I see where Bill Williamson of the Denver Post and MSNBC thinks Michael Irvin was lucky to make the Professional Football Hall of Fame in 2007.

His logic?

This is a new age in the NFL. The league is all about good citizens. Burp in public and you get warned. Have the cops called to your house and start sending out a résumé. This is Goodell’s new world. And he needs to be applauded for taking control of a sometimes out of control player population. Yet, in his first Hall of Fame weekend as the NFL’s commissioner, Goodell will watch “The Playmaker” receive his bronzed grill.

He goes on to say:

If Irvin were playing these days and he had the same misadventures he enjoyed during the “White House” days of the Dallas Cowboys reign of horror on the NFL, he would have likely been suspended for several seasons. He probably would have never made it long enough to get consideration for the Hall of Fame had Goodell been in the warden’s office.

The truth is that these very unique qualities of Irvin’s were brought up last year during the selection process. The HOF went on to choose Irvin over Art Monk, a player who had sterling statistics in his career and a much higher respect level both on the field and off.

Art Monk, who should have been in the HOF long ago, instead has been denied seven times while players who would be quite at home in the company of Michael Vick have been admitted. Recent classes have included wife beaters and drug abusers. Their admission is always justified as the bad stuff happened off the field.

Well, if the NFL is suspending players for their off the field acts, why shouldn’t the same be taken into consideration for admission to the Hall of Fame?

If Goodell wants to send a message about the kind of NFL he wants to preside over, he should move heaven and earth to get Art Monk into Canton as soon as possible.

Let’s hope the Williamson logic holds up.


2 thoughts on “Does This Mean Art Gets the HOF in 2008?

  1. Once Again, Bwana you and I are definately on the same page. You will not control the HOF selection until you change the makeup of the selection committee…”Sport Writers!!!” Who cares what they think who the greatest players eligible. Their criteria, as we have witnessed so far,is who are the most colorful people they interviewed…Hence Michael Irvin definately filled that bill. While you have a individual like Art who, just went out and did his job, shied away from the press, because he is basically a very private person who “choose not to get sucked into the star scene of the NFL.
    Until Goodell and the owners change that, I think we are going to get more of the same. Personally I think the make-up of the selection should be an even number of past HOF’s players and HOF Coaches. However, sport writers…who cares.
    As far as I am concerned, Art Monk should always be referred to as “Number 1 in our Hearts and Number 81 in your program!!!” He definately is in my personal Hall of Fame of the greatest Football players and I am sure is for many others as well.
    Thanks for giving me an outlet to vent and until next time
    I remain
    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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