With This, Who Needs Seconds?

I am not a fit person, although I aspire to be one.  I am back on the fitness trail, hit the company fitness center multiple times each week.  But it doesn’t come easy.  You see, I enjoy eating, any my travels around the Commonwealth have allowed me to consume some marvelous food, and often in the most unexpected places.

I have had Jess’ dogs and taken down an entire “what the gang ordered” sandwich at the late lamented Spanky’s around the corner in Harrisonburg.  I have had frozen custard at Carl’s in Fredericksburg as a chaser to dinner at Allman’s barbeque in the same day where I knocked back multiple pulled pork sandwiches at Pierce’s in Williamsburg.  In my mind I genuflect at the mention of the Smoky Pig in Ashland and the Pig and Steak in Madison.  I have consumed Gus Burgers, Motor Burgers, and Cheezy westerns. 

It was a joy for me to down a Muffin Burger at the Meadow Muffin Diner in Stuarts Draft.  I ate a 4AM breakfast at a dive on Broad Street while the manager did maintenance on an electrical bull, and from that experience I learned to always order fried food in any establishment where you are uncertain as to the hygeine of the staff.  While I think Crash Davis should have added the Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s to his list in “Bull Durham”, I will always remember the Corn Beef Hash omelet I in Bloomsburg, PA at the Lickety Split Diner.   I have consumed ice box pies, shoofly pie, and an experimental pie of undetermined nature at the Lee-Hi truckstop in Lexington that tasted great in the moment and then stayed with me for a week.

 So, as you can see, I have been around… 

However, even with dining habits that have seldom stinted on barbeque, chili dogs, nachos, lasagna, pizza, and other high calorie, there are some things I couldn’t even consider consuming…and this is one of them.



Check the label, and you may ask, as did the divine Ms. Sharp asks, “Is any man this hungry?”  Not only this hungry, but clearly desirous of driving their cholesterol through the roof?  All day breakfast?  Does that mean you can eat it at any time of the day, or that after eating one you have no desire to eat for another 24 hours?

As for me, nah…you have to draw the line somewhere!

But looking at that picture is making me wonder what time lunch is…I had better head to the gym and get those glutinous thoughts out of my head.


P.S. Before my Jaycee pals ring my bell, there is a reason the Vienna Inn and their collection of beer, dogs, and chili-which ranges from amasing to disgusting to subline is not mentioned above.

Simply put, it is not fair to mention amateurs and professionals in the same paragraph.


One thought on “With This, Who Needs Seconds?

  1. Having similiar culinary habits as you Bwana, I can relate to this completely. It has been recently that I have had to curb my eating habits because age and time does catch up to you. I have made a promise to my wife and myself that I am not going on any medication that is diabeties related. I am going to control it with diet and exercise. So I am at that point in my life where there is another “have to” added in things I have to do.
    I have found memories of our Jaycee days spent at the Vienna Inn, downing some very excellant chili dogs.
    Take care Bwana and good luck with the exercise.

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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