The Anti-Tax Bushwhack Brigade Rides Again!

The die hard anti-tax guys in Virginia came out for the ouster of House Speaker Bill Howell.

Voicing dismay with the “abusive driver” fees in particular and the transportation plan in general, Paul Jost, President of the Virginia Club for Growth, said “it’s time for new leadership in both houses of the General Assembly”.

House Majority Whip House Majority Whip M. Kirkland Cox (R-Colonial Heights), who has been mentioned as a possible successor to Howell, replied, “It is more than puzzling why a conservative group would make statements like that and help Brian Moran become speaker.”  Clearly VCAP has their own ideas on how to lead the state.

Meanwhile, the Democrats sit back and lap it all up…

I cannot say I am surprised. The VCAP boys don’t like any GOP that don’t have the VCAP seal of approval, so Brother Cox should not be so puzzled.  They see GOP types who are not on their team as apostates to the cause of low taxes.  Moreover, such apostates are worse then democrats.  There are no parties, either you are for us or against us.

You see, one can run against democrats en masse.  It is more difficult to run against the GOP as a whole, so instead they try to pick them off one at a time.  This weakens the GOP hold on the legistlature, moves the state toward the VCAP line of thinking, and potentially gives a VCAP approved GOP a chance one day to run against the whole Democratic Party in an effort to identify one part as pro-tax and the other as anti-tax. 

Great idea, huh?

There is just one little problem.  There is nothing to suggest the VCAP method has anything going for it. 

The VCAP contingent not only has not set out a vision for the state, it has refused to.

Of course, to be fair, to date neither have the GOP or the Democrats. 

The VCAP boys go down the line and talk about which taxes need to be eliminated, and point out problems to be solved.  What they don’t do is indicate how they will solve the problems, how it will be done, and justify the elimation of taxes.  They have not done a bottom up analysis of problems and offered a legitimate answer on how to deal with TRAMOB issues, immigration issues, education issues, etc.

Of course, to be fair, to date neither have the GOP or the Democrats.

Instead they sit back and pick on tactical issues rather than creating a vision for the state and where they think there ideas can take it.

Of course, to be fair, that is exactly what both the GOP or the Democrats have been doing.

H’mmmm….maybe the VCAP boys do have what it takes to run the state. Lord knows the major parties have been doing it this way for several decades.


3 thoughts on “The Anti-Tax Bushwhack Brigade Rides Again!

  1. If you plan on being a serious commentator about VA politics, you should at least know the players in Virginia.

    VCAP is not presently involved in the lawsuit challenging HB3202 and did not participate in Tuesday’s press conference.

    The rest of your comments speak for themselves, since you don’t even know the players that participated in Tuesday’s Press Conference.

  2. “They see GOP types who are not on their team as apostates to the cause of low taxes. Moreover, such apostates are worse then democrats.”

    This tactic comes straight out of the Pro-Life Political Handbook from around the mid-seventies, perhaps a little later (I saw it in 1978). I happened to get a look at it when I ran into the author who proudly showed it to me. The passage that screamed out at me (paraphrased, because it was a LONG time ago and I was not allowed to have a copy, although it’s probably VERY close) was, “In the event that your choice in an election is a Republican who is not 100% Pro-Life, although conservative on all other issues, you will vote for the Democrat regardless of his position on any issue.” Only one reason for that…create party purity and a power base of sheep. No surprise that they are now substituting “low taxes regardless of commensurate spending cuts”… no surprise at all. They claim to be conservatives, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

  3. I don’t believe I said that VCAP was involved in the press conference, or that it was involved in the lawsuit. I did comment on VCAP based on the candidates it has backed.

    I don’t know that a person will be considered a serious commentator unless they read the blog piece they are responding to and respond to what was written. I further doubt their seriousness when they post snide follow-ups and hide them outside the original post…you know, like in the “about” section.

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