Warner retires, the stampede, and other items…

As predicted earlier by many and commented on here earlier today, Senator John Warner announced today that he will not stand for reelection.  Senator Warner deserves at least his own blog piece, so lets turn to the political stampede his retirement casuses as the dominos fall and folks scramble to move up the political ladder.

One prediction was offered by Ben Tribbett as to how the dominos would shake out. Another one was offered by The Fix, Chris Cizillo’s WaPo blog. While it, like Ben focused on statewide races, it offered this observation about the mechanics of a Gilmore candidacy:

Gilmore’s biggest problem will be fundraising; Davis has been working at it for years while Gilmore has never been a prolific fundraiser. Gilmore raised $391,000 for his presidential campaign but ended June with $62,000 in the bank and $129,000 in debts. The donors who maxed out to Gilmore’s presidential bid — his loyalists of backers — would not be able to give more money to his Senate bid, creating a major question about where Gilmore’s money would come from.

Cizillo noted earlier in his piece that Davis has one million smackeroos in his campaign treasury.

The WaPo also ran an article in todays print edition where it carried the stampede speculation to the local level, noting that a Davis senate candidacy opens up the 11th district seat, which both Leslie Byrne and Gerry Connolly have eyed. If Connolly were to leave the position of Fairfax BOS Chairman to run, the article mentioned both Dana Kaufman and Sharon Bulova as potential aspirants for the position.

So, the stampede is on.

As we are about to enter the hot campaign season on Labor Day, it seems fair to address a general blog question.  I have noted before the current practice of a campaign grabing a person with an active blog and making that person their netroots coordinator.  Said netroots coordinators then (as we saw in 2006) use their own blogs to print whatever attacking stuff they want, note they posted on their blog as a private view not related to the campaign.

I have always thought this is silliness.  It is akin to a known campaign worker calling a reporter with a rumor about the opponent, and then says “remember, this isn’t from the campaign…this is from me as a private citizen!”

The newspaper wouldn’t stand for it, and neither should the blogosphere.  So, in the future this blog will treat all posts on private blogs by known netroots coordinators as coming from the campaigns they work for.  This will be part of the posting policy of the blog as of the time I get it in the posting policy section.


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