Big Weekend-Get outside

This is a big weekend…College football starts, and my beloved D3 Bridgewater College Eagles start their campaign to regain the ODAC crown by taking on McDaniels, while SWMBO’s alma mater the James Madison University Dukes (home of the Marching Royal Dukes) will whack the Tar Heels this PM.

Non spotlight sports also have their time in the sun-the Vuelta a Espana ( the Spanish version of the Tour de France) kicks off today.  Anyone who thinks cyclists are sissy’s in their tight outfits should think about what it takes to ride a bike up and down the Pyrenees.

But more important, the weather is supposed to be phenominal-at least here in NoVa-and that means get out of the house!  Do something outside!  Enjoy the last days before school starts!  Grill some steaks…oh, and grab the last of the summer squash, slice it up, souse with olive oil and pepper, and toss that on the grill, too!

You may ask, “Bwana, if it is so great to get outside, why are you blogging?”

Answer-because when I go outside I will be pulling weeds, so I am putting that off as long as I can.

Enjoy the Weekend!


One thought on “Big Weekend-Get outside

  1. I sympathize about the weed pulling. But you sound like a good cook. Lucky wife and family.

    It is glorious out. I just got back from an afternoon in Annapolis. Lunch was outdoors, watching boats pull up to the dock we sat on, sipping wine, eating soft shell crabs and enjoying the wonderful bay breezes.

    Take Bwana’s advice – get outside. It gorgeous.

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