Sign Wars: Chap! 1, JMDD 0

On the way in today I saw a Jeannemarie Devolites Davis sign, and all I could think was “Chap! wins round 1”.

Chap! has pretty much reduced his campaign logos to put on yard signs, so he has something that allows him consistent use of the same image:


JMDD has attempted to do the same thing, but she has so much stuff on her signs that it does not break down well to a readable road sign. Here is an example of one of her deployed campaign banners:


This is one of her campaign banners, a sign that is a minumum of four by eight feet, and perhaps larger.  Her road signs reduce this to about 12″ by 18″.  It is too much stuff in too little space without a distinctive image to set it apart from the mass of signs that will clutter our roadways between now and election day…which is exactly two months away.

Advantage, Chap!


One thought on “Sign Wars: Chap! 1, JMDD 0

  1. Well Bwana:
    It is a good thing that “Signs” alone do not win elections. Issues and indvidual postions on those issues play a big part of any election and in this case State Senator Devolites-Davis is far and above the better, more qualified candidate and elected official over Mr. Peterson, so Bwana…”Big Advantage, Jeannemarie!!”

    Thank you Bwana,
    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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