Sunday BCF-No Cooch!?

Finally made it over to the Burke Centre Festival to take care of various organizational responsibilities, and saw the booths for the GOP and Democratic candidates.  You couldn’t miss the signs for Patrick McDade and for John Frey (who were also there pressing the flesh) at the GOP booh, and the Democratic booth was lousy with all variety of signs, especially a multitude of subtly colored Oleszek signs.

All that was missing was The Cooch.

No signs, no stickers (that I could see), and certainly not himself.

No Cooch, at a festival in the middle of a mess of swing precincts.

Now apparently he was there on saturday, but the crowds were heavy again today with folks seeking out moon bounces, funnel cakes, and live music…and they saw no Cooh presence.

To be fair, maybe he had his own separate booth somewhere in the crafters section, hidden away from other organizations, but I doubt it.

Bottom line for today at the Burke Center Festival as of 1330 hours-No Cooch presence, large Hoot presence.


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