Fall 2007 Virginia Blogosphere Book Fair

The WMD have started back to school, and last night SWMBO was filling in the order forms to purchase books at a huge discount through the local school, and thought its time for the: 


Last fall I offered up this chance for Virginia Bloggers to share their current favored books, and it was a great success.

Why do this, and at this time of year?  Well, as I once said…

When I was a little guy-you know, during the Nixon administration-we had book fairs in the fall and spring. During that magic week the school library was loaded with books to purchase. You checked out the merchandise, placed an order, and about six weeks later you got your books.

At this point the internet generation is thinking “Six Weeks? Why so long?”

As an adult, I see various publications having their version of a book fair…Time, MSNBC, the Washington Post and others publish a list of upcoming books at the beginning of the various seasons. Occasionally bloggers will offer their ideas on good books to read.

I like this. It gives me an advance idea of what I want to buy, what I want to get from the library, and what I will hope to find a year later at the Green Valley Book Fair.

Nowadays, amidst the partisan sturm und drang of the internet, it seems we are getting away from discussion and the sharing of ideas and more and more into violent barbs, which then turns the internet in general and weblogs in particular into echo chambers where everything is said and nothing is heard.

So, in an effort to facilitate a greater sense of intellectual comity to the Virginia blogosphere, Renaissance Ruminations will host the Fall 2007 Virginia Blogosphere Book Fair. Please send me a list of books you recommend others read, and I will put it up with your comments. Structure will be similar to that used in the Virginia Blog Carnivals.

These can be old favorites, new discoveries, or just books you think folks will enjoy! If you have already posted a list of books you like with your reasoning, semd me the links and I will post that instead of a book list.

Deadline for submissions is 10/3/2007, with submissions published shortly thereafter. Please limit submissions to five (5) books to renaissanceruminations@hotmail.com.

Information needed: Title, author, Amazon/BN/other link.  I would also like to hear why you recommend it.   The  ISBN number is not needed.  Also, to sort it out from other emails announcing announcements by elected officials and offers to help me recoup an unrecognized fortune in Nigeria, please put something like “book fair” in the subject line.

As I did last year, the listing will be complete in two separate posts.  As we did last year, the first will be the book fair list by alphabetical order by submitting blogger, and the second list by subject.

Thanks in advance for participating!  Let the 2007 Virginia Blogosphere Book Fair submissions begin!


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