I am Really Not One to Crow about the Redskins…

…if only out of an instinct for self protection.  Part of that is the sense of decorum and sportsmanship I was taught by my parents, and part is that there is always a Clint Longley-type around the corner ready to bring the loud talker back to earth.

However, after last night’s pregame show on ESPN, I feel the need to vent.

ESPN has seven (7)(!) guys in the pregame show.  They include

Chris Berman, Keyshawn Johns, Bill Parcells, Tom Jackson, Steve Young, Emmit Smith, and someone else.  All but one (Jackson) picked the Eagles over the Redskins, and did so w/o hesitation.

Then, to show just how widespread their opinion is echoed they showed a map of the USA, with red showing who thought the Eagles would win and presumably blue to show who thought the Redskins would win.  Yes, I agree they are strange colors…why not green and burgundy?

I say “presumably” would use blue because no blue showed up.  The ESPN survey showed no state-not even MD or VA…or even DC!…that had a majority of respondents saying Washington would win last night. Comments about McGovern and Mondale abounded.

Not surprisingly, the pregame comments and the color coded map were orphaned in the post game comments.

Why?  Because the ESPN sports team didn’t want to go on about how they and their respondents were almost uniformly wrong.  I can only assume Chris Berman did not bring it up because he was too busy trying to create new nicknames for obscure players.

Final Score: Washington 20, Philadelphia 12

Hail to the Redskins!


One thought on “I am Really Not One to Crow about the Redskins…

  1. Bwana,
    It is the way it has always been. The main stream sports has always overlooked underplayed the ability of our beloved Washington Redskins. I truly believe we have a shot this year, if we can stay healthy. I love this time of year, football and politics. Gooooo Skins!!!!!

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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