Cuccinelli-Oleszek: The Hoot Gets Cooch-Whacked

After getting emails from both campaigns, Bwana sees the Cooch and the Hoot finally debated last night to help the voters of the Virginia Senate 37 district decide who they should support in November.  Too bad no one really knew it was going on.

Initial reports suggest the Hoot should have stayed home.  The Mason Conservative, who was in attendance, says Cooch was a clear winner.  As of 1500 9.26.2007 RK had not seen fit to offer any diary entries about the debate, which suggests they are searching for the right spin, or they are hoping that if no one mentions it perhaps folks will forget the debate ever occurred.  Even web sites not favorable to the Cooch are not disputing the MC recap of the event.

TMC offers a preliminary view of the event, then a later more detailed account. While he is clearly a Cooch supporter (full disclosure-as am I), if his accounts are even half true then the Hoot got rolled.

Highlights abound. First, Hoot refused to acknowledge the Cooch and apparently would not shake his hand.  Then she refused to let a citizen tape the event:

…[Oleszek demanded] a private citizen to stop videotaping the debate. I met the gentleman afterwards, and he was not a reporter, a blogger, or anything else. Just a citizen who was taping it so his friends could watch it afterwards. Even the Connection Newspaper reporter spoke up and said that it could not be done. It was a public building, a public forum, with two public officials. So much for openness in government, eh Janet. Not to mention they have been following Ken around since January videotaping everything on him.

Apparently sauce for the goose is not sauce for the gander…

Hoot offered less than impressive takes on bills.  When asked, yes or no, would she vote for the original Transportation Bill, MC reports her response:

she said–and I quote, “I must waffle”


Oleszek got tough on illegal immigration. She said she would penalize businesses for hire illegals…then she was asked how. MC reports:

…she replied “I don’t have a specific plan.”

Again, huh?

Apparently she is willing to do as legislative services directs, because “they have a lot of ideas”…in which case I don’t know why she is running-just turn over the legislature to legislative services.

I look forward to seeing other reports. I was not there, and cannot offer anything to the MC comments and eagerly await more information on the debate.

However, if the MC reports is anywhere near accurate, then clearly Cooch won the debate, and showed he is the one who should be returned to Richmond.  Hoot better hope for a democratic wave.

UPDATE: Hoot’s people have found their spin.


2 thoughts on “Cuccinelli-Oleszek: The Hoot Gets Cooch-Whacked

  1. Shame on Cooch for getting into a battle of wits with an unarmed person. The Hoot is probably the worst candidate they could have had. It is a shame a more worthy opponent could not be found, personally, I think his former opponent from the last time would have made a good choice. Oh, well as you have said before Bwana, “I would rather have someone inside the tent “p__ing” out then outside “p__ing” in!”

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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