Cutler survives, Martinez shines: Olympia 2007

The votes are in, and Jay Cutler held onto the title of Mr. Olympia for another year by holding off a hard charging Victor Martinez. Dexter “The Blade” Jackson came back from a disappointing performance at The Arnold competition last spring to finish third.

Ronnie Coleman, despite my earlier prediction, came in 4th.

The big surge came from german competitor Dennis Wolf, who moved from 16th in 2006 to 5th in 2007, and was the clear crowd favorite.

The complete Top Ten…the top six earn an automatic invite to the 2008 edition of the Olympia competition

1- Jay Cutler
2- Victor Martinez
3- Dexter Jackson
4- Ronnie Coleman
5- Dennis Wolf
6- Melvin Anthony
7- Silvio Samuel
8- Gustavo Badell
9- Johnnie Jackson
10- David Henry

Now it is out to finish yard work…and in the days ahead we will return you to the regular rotation of topics-such as the Hoot’s apparent inability to capably debate…


3 thoughts on “Cutler survives, Martinez shines: Olympia 2007

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  2. Well, assuming they could get guys who could convincingly portray the principals, I imagine they would have Cutler shaking off day 1 like Redford shook off the busted stitches in “The Natural”.

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