Karma Strikes, Justice Rules, and Pittsburgh Loses

Arizona 21, Pittsburgh 14.

How sweet it is! Team Rooney, now you know what goes around comes around.

As a loyal Redskins fan the only team I really dislike is the Dallas Cowboys.  But that support lives beyond the playing field…and because of it, as I noted last January, the Steelers seemed to be itching to get on my list.

The reason? The insulting treatment of Russ Grimm as they selected their new head coach following Bill Cowher’s retirement. At first it seemed like they would select Grimm. As events played out it turns out they probably never really wanted to hire Grimm but kept him dangling as a safe fall back. Their offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt saw the handwriting on the wall and grabbed the head coaching job in with the Arizona Cardinals when it was offered. Grimm, a Pitt alum, a Pittsburgh guy from birth, Assistant Head Coach and Line Coordinator under Cowher, thought he had a shot.

Not hardly.

Shoot, I was ready to fall in behind the Steelers as my #2 team if Russ got the job. Instead, Team Rooney picked Mike Tomlin, Defensive Coordinator with the Vikings.

In retrospect, it made some sense…Tomlin, like Cowher and Chuck Noll before him, was in his mid-thirties and a highly regarded defensive coordinator. So why not tell Grimm up front they didn’t want him? I think they owed him that. Instead, the Steelers dangled him and dumped him. Professionally speaking, it was a crime against a good man.

Whisenhunt, not being a Rooney syncophant, recognized talent and hired Grimm as his Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line Coordinator…and guess who the Cardinals were scheduled against in Week 4?

You got it.

Seems like in this blood match, it was the Arizona defense that stood tall. Arizona 21, Pittsburgh…..14

Now the blood has cooled and I doubt the Steelers will ever reach the level of the Dallas Cowboys. I mean, black and yellow is just too good a combo to hate for too long (as opposed to blue and silver). Nonetheless, I am glad to see Whisenhunt and Grimm get a little back today. The Steelers did a good man wrong, and it is my sincere hope that:

(a) During the Tomlin era the Steelers are “0 for Arizona”
(b) Russ Grimm gets a fair shot at the Redskins job after Coach Gibbs concludes his current stint.

Brother Rooney, now you know the wages of sin and the ravages of Karma…what you will learn is that it is the gift that keeps on giving.

ALSO: In the Karma Category, the SD Chargers under the tutelage of Norv Turner dropped to 1-3 today. 

You may remember that this is the team that went 14-2 under Marty Schottenheimer last year, and that Marty was fired for his troubles due to the personality issues between him and the team GM…and that the team waited to fire him until AFTER their offensive and defensive coordinators took head coaching jobs with other teams.

Yep, Karma lives…


6 thoughts on “Karma Strikes, Justice Rules, and Pittsburgh Loses

  1. Bwana:
    It is thought that Whisenhut and Grimm are out to show the Rooney family and Pittsburgh what a huge mistake they made. except for our beloved Redskins, I wish them the best in that endeavor. Russ Grimm was a great player and is a respected coach and according to a former Pitt football player & alum, who lived in the dorm across from Russ (who is also my chiropractor), says he is a great guy who is always willing to help others… The NFL needs more people like Russ involved. People like that should be rewarded not punished and I think Rooney just got some pay back. Good for you Russ! Good for you!!!

    Thanks Bwana, NOW LETS GO SKINS!!! Beat the Lions!!!

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

  2. For the uninitiated, Bro James refers to his Hampden Sydney College football team breaking a long losing streak against my alma mater on Saturday.

    All I can say is congratulations!

    It sounds like it was a hellacious game, well fought on both sides!

  3. Sorry, bwana, but I couldn’t resist. 😉

    The really sad thing is that it was the first contest between the two played at Hampden-Sydney that we had missed in years. Probably since Bridgewater’s long winning streak began.


  4. Odd that you would begrudge the Steelers for hiring a native Virginian. As someone who admits to not having a vested interest in the Steelers until it seemed Russ might get the job, you really have no idea how the process played out in the hiring of the head coach. If you want to feel bitter and vindictive about the Steelers choosing Tomlin over Grimm, that’s fine, but don’t presume to speak from a position of knowledge about how and why Tomlin got the job over Grimm. Your interest in Grimm was simply from the standpoint of you as a Redskins fan and he being a former Redskin. As far as Wisenhunt goes, the Steelers really had no interest in hiring them as their head coach. He saw the writing on the wall and was off to AZ.

    There’s no doubt Russ Grimm will be a head coach in the NFL sooner rather than later, and I’m sure he’ll do well. As far as the Tomlin era goes, he has his team at the top of their division. Can’t say the same for the Cards.

  5. By that logic you would likely think they should hire Michael Vick, who has the same criteria you cite as does Mike Tomlin.

    Oh, but I can presume…not only is it a free country, and not only is this my blog and I can say what I want, but what I said is that in “retrospect their choice is not surprising” and give a reason why it is not surprising…which is more substance offered to the subject at hand than your tinny chastisements.

    Yep, as you smugly note, the Cards aren’t at the top of their division, and yet they still beat the Steelers head on…that must sting!

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