Stupidity, not PC run Amok

Thank goodness for people, because they make it easy to write blog pieces. Because some things you just cannot make up.

You see, I appreciate the clever use of language. I enjoy clever advertising. But sometimes you don’t want to combine the two characteristics.

Example: Recently in Texas, the general sales manager of Mac Haik Ford Lincoln Mercury dealership had some high end cars with air conditioned seats to unload. I think it is fair to say that those of us who have experienced the joys of sticky sweat on your back while stuck in a beltway backup can see the benefits of this convenience.

So, he made up a sales flyer and sent it to 1,200 customers. As you can see, the banner of the flyer is:

“Are You Tired of The Wet Backs?”

And those 1,200 customers?  Some were members of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Needless to say, the chamber members were not amused.

Said general sales manager is now looking for employment.

Some are attacking the dealership, saying that terminating the general sales manager is political correctness run amok.

I believe that Political Correctness has gone too far in this country…but this flyer moves far beyond PC and deep into the realm of the unbelievably stupid.

This flyer is not the ignorant misconstrual of the legitimate use of a longstanding word that has no racial connotations (such as the furor in DC a few years back over a mayoral staffer correctly using the word “niggardly“, a synonym for being stingy, miserly, ungenerous ). This was a deliberate effort to use a racially charged term in a sophomoric attempt to be clever and sell product.

This flyer is not a matter of PC madness. Rather, it is falls under the eternal wisdom of Forrest Gump, who once said, “Stupid is as Stupid does”.

Really, you just cannot make this stuff up!


2 thoughts on “Stupidity, not PC run Amok

  1. Some are attacking the dealership, saying that terminating the general sales manager is political correctness run amok.

    Actually I am “attacking” Mac Haik, LULAC and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for hyper sensitivity. All three groups are guilty of political correctness run amok.

    Two words in the add where taken out of context and spun as a racial slur, a non-existant racial slur.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Squawkbox Noise

  2. I understand…you think some of the folks are hyper-sensitive, while I think the sales manager is hyper-stupid. I think the sales manager should have been fired for being bad at his job

    I have done my time in sales, and you don’t put out advertisements that have even the slightest risk of ticking off customers. Using the term “wet back” in Texas, where Mexicans illegally crossing the Rio Grande helped create the term, is asking for trouble.

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