The Things You See at COSTCO…

My father in law used to say he expected he would meet his maker in the parking lot at Hechingers…but bad business practices ended that threat.  The Home Depot is just not as speed obsessed.  Not only are the lots smaller and more care needed in general, but while the Hechinger’s staff was helpful the Home Depot staff is typically and at best well intentioned.  At Hechinger’s you could get in and out fast, and maybe even fix your problem at home on the same day, so speed was often opted for.  At Home Depot, you know you are not going to get your stuff fast, so a safer driving climate seems to rule…

Now the threat is at COSTCO, where you have to contend not only with folks rushing home with critical things like snacks and beer for the Redskins game, but also those folks who circle the lot desperately looking for a parking spot right next to the building.  Dangerous thought it might be, yesterday I saw something that made me think-for the moment-I have seen it all.

I was heading back to my car with food supplies for WMD #3 birthday party, and saw immediately in front of me a man pushing a cart, woman (he and she about 30), and little girl (my guess about 4).  They turned into a driving aisle, and coming toward them was a car driven by a middle aged woman with a middle aged man riding shotgum.  Everyone involved seemd to be in good health and without physical or mental infirmities.

Young man with cart rounds the corner far enough out so that oncoming car has to stop.  Young woman goes on to their car. Young man winds in toward their car (on left as I was facing the driving lane), but the little girl keeps walking straight toward the stopped car.  Neither the (presumed) father or mother say anything.  The little girl bears off to her left and just clears the car.

I think “how rude of them to not call her in, not to mention unsafe.

Ah, but things were just getting started!

I had cleared to the right side of the lane to avoid the oncoming/stopped car.  As I am still taking in the situation, I realize the middle aged man riding shotgun is quite upset at the behavior of the little girl.  As she passes by him, he flips her off.  A middle aged man, upset with a little girl, flips her off!

From where I am standing, it seems that both the father and mother see their little girl get flipped off by the middle aged man, and they did nothing.  Middle aged woman then lays on the gas, and they whip around the corner almost taking out a man (probably 70+) who is pushing one of those big orange rolling carts.

Now I am a bystander to all this, and I did not have dog in the fight.  But imagine what I saw in a very short time without moving much more than twenty feet:

1-Parental neglect of children
2-Immature and inappropriate behavior toward children
3-Failure of parents to stand up for children in the face of #2, and
4-Reckless driving

Now that’s a pretty full few seconds!
But most of all, it reminded me of how commonsense and dignity have gone by the wayside in todays society. Who’d a thunk you could see so much so quickly in a COSTCO parking lot?


2 thoughts on “The Things You See at COSTCO…

  1. Bwana:
    It never ceases to amaze me at the lack of civility out in the public today. People are just the meanest and nastiest I have ever seen. This is not the way I was raised to behave or think. The lack of attention for the child is enough to make me loose my religion. There are people out there that would kill for the opportunity to be a parent and never will get the chance. Then there are people like the parents of that little girl who couldn’t care less. What the in the world are we coming to? In the final analysis, I guess it just shows that life is not just not fair. It’s shame, it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

  2. It common place now a days to be rude and uncaring. I don’t know what it is about Costco, though, that makes people nuts. I canceled my membership there a month ago.

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