Quick Hits: Cooch/Hoot/WaPo; Lowell likes me, but his People don’t

Some varied and not real deep thoughts from around the horn…

a) Marc Fischer looks at the race between the Cooch and the Hoot in Va 37…and suggests that folks aren’t buying or don’t care about what the Hoot calls the Cooch’s “extremism”, and he also notes how the Hoot refuses to say what she will do if elected:

Anything but slick, Oleszek seems to be counting on those demographic changes to carry her campaign. In a cable TV debate and at the doors, she points voters toward Cuccinelli’s ideological passions and away from specifics about what she would do in Richmond…She shies from questions about raising taxes. Asked how she would pay for road improvements, she criticizes abusive-driver fees but won’t talk about taxes….[and]deflects questions about illegal immigration.

Oh, yeah, she doesn’t like blogs (except for those that support her):

Rather than answer a debate question about transportation, she slams the state’s noisy political blogs. “If I absolutely believed blogs were factual, I would be reading them,” she says. “But in fact they are not. They are hearsay. They are speculative.”

Making amends a couple of days later, Oleszek appears on a liberal blog, Raising Kaine, to heap praise on “the progressive blog community.” Later, she tells me that “I have a concern about stream of consciousness on the Internet. I still write letters by hand. There’s value in reflection.”

Apparently if a blog supports her, it is reflective, but if it doesn’t, it’s reactive.

A good article worth reading.

b) Earlier this week RR joined Bearing Drift as only the second GOP type blog on the Raising Kane blogroll. Lowell sent me a nice note saying “I may not agree with you on a great deal politically, but I think your blog is fair and well written.” Very nice of him! Thank you, Lowell…

At the same time, RK diarist Bherring calls me a “Mouth breather” and a “Fool” in his comments for suggesting that the best GOP hopes in Va for 2008 do not include running either Gilmore or Davis for the US Senate.

If folks are going to go adhominem, I was hoping for something really creative. Well, you win some, you lose some…

c) The Washington Redskins are officially in trouble…MSNBC saysthey don’t suck. However, Jay Novacek will continue to pick them to lose against every team in the league except against the “0-Washington” Detroit Lions, so I imagine some cosmic balance will remain


2 thoughts on “Quick Hits: Cooch/Hoot/WaPo; Lowell likes me, but his People don’t

  1. Bwana: Did you expect anything less from MSNBC and Jay Novacek ( a former Dallas Cowgirl) the very enemy of everything Redskin and what we stand for!!! Hey, you know the only pick that matters is what the scoreboard read at the end of every game. Go Skins!!!

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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