Cuccinelli-Oleszek: See What the Foodies Say…

It seems the Cooch and the Hoot have very different attitudes towards blogs.  Cooch will seemingly talk to anyone anywhere-including blogs.  Hoot not only tightly regulates her appearances, but as implied yesterday in the WaPo (and previously in other venues) seems to think the value of blogs is in direct relation to how favorable to her they are.

The two of them seem to be poles apart on blogs (among other things), and this set me off to pondering the place of blogs in the political universe, but before I could render anything…the Foodies beat me to it.

Michael Ruhlman is the author of several books about cooking and the food service industry, and currently serves as a judge on the Food Networks “The Next Iron Chef”. Ruhlman recently had an article online that examinedthe relationship between bloggers and chefs. Ruhlman referenced this article in a piece on the twentieth anniversary of Chef Charlie Trotters eponymous establishment.

I urge you to read the comment section of the Charlie Trotter post. Go through the comments, replace the word “chef” with “politician” or “candidate”, and you come away with a really good representation of ideas on the validity of blogs. In fact, between the “all publicity is good” and the “the great unwashed should listen and not talk”, you find echoes of both the Cooch and the Hoot on how they view the blogosphere…


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