Plotkin & Davis-Where Lies the Stupidity?

The folks at RK have a story up via the DPVAthat says that DC political journalist Mark Plotkin claims that Tom Davis told him that Virginia is “1/3 Northern Virginia, and the rest is Alabama”.

Naturally the DPVA is playing this up.  I can only wonder how the folks in Hampton Roads and Richmond like that description.

My question goes off in a different direction.  Is Mark Plotkin really so stupid to make up a story like this, or is Tom Davis really so stupid as to say something like this on OR off the record to a journalist whose antipathy toward the GOP is well known?  I mean, you heard the guy has a desire to run statewide.

Probably…Davis is well known for favoring more latitude for DC city government-a cause Plotkin pushes at every moment-so he may well have said something to him in an unguarded moment…which leads us back to my original question.

Either way, I imagine there will be few conversations or interviews between Mark Plotkin and Tom Davis for some time to come…


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