Tom Davis says No to Senate Bid; Fairfax Times says No to Oleszek

Short Takes of recent events…

The WaPo reports that Tom Davis has officially declared he will not be a US Senate candidate in 2008, and will make announcements about his re-election plans at a later date. As had been suggested by many:

“Davis said he was unwilling to engage in what was expected to be a bruising battle for the Republican nomination with former governor James S. Gilmore III, who is considering a run and is widely viewed as more politically conservative.

“Once you tear off the scab of the Republicans’ moderate-conservative fight, it’s very difficult to put it back together,” Davis said. “This is not the right time” for a run, he added.”

Meanwhile, The Cooch got the endorsement of the Fairfax Times newspapers:

The Times take on The Hoot was even more pointed than the WaPo non-endorsement in the race:

“The 37th Senate District seems to be a moderate, swing district – not an ideal home base for a hardcore conservative like Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (R). There are a number of things in his tenure that we find problematic … however, his opponent has given us no reason to support her.

Democrat Janet Oleszek, a school board member, had essentially nothing to offer The Times’ editorial board in the way of specific ideas for the state’s future. Similar to her performance in public debates, she answered questions about specific proposals with generalities. We feel it would be irresponsible to back such a weak candidate.

Cuccinelli, on the other hand, knows state issues inside and out. While we may not agree with him on a number of topics, there is no doubt as to where he stands. And, on occasion, he will go against his party on issues he feels strongly about.”

First the WaPo says Hoot’s campaign has no substance, then the Times says she offered them no reason to support her.

What comes next?


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