RK Liveblog Previews Future Democratic Issues…

Sometimes public communications expose more than is intended, even within small asides.

Such was the case recently when our friends at RK liveblogged with Doug Denneny. Mr. Denneny is apparently the RK approved candidate for the Democratic nominee for Congress in Va-11 in 2008, and the live blog provided previews of future comments, concerns, and challenges on the Democratic side of the aisle.

The first moment came when Denneny was asked about Northern Virginia Senate races. Denneny said he expected Chap! and George Barker to win close races. When asked about The Hoot, he replied:

I think Janet has a great shot. She has an excellent message, and an opponent that is outside of the mainstream with some new financial revelations. But she has tough demographics. We need the Republicans to stay home and the Democrats need to come out and vote.

At first, nothing new. The same old ideology attack on The Cooch, plus an attempt to smear him by implication by mentioning “new financial revelations” without specifying the revelations or stepping up and saying sometthing illegal or unethical occurred.

But Denneny goes on to say  “[Olszek] has tough demographics.” Since when? Since when does any Democratic candidate have tough demographics in a Fairfax that is turning blue? Jim Webb pulled in somewhere north of 54% of the vote in the  precincts of the 37th Virginia Senate district in 2006…what has happened in the last twelve months to say The Hoot has “tough demographics”?

Later, Denneny suggests he is the most serious candidate for the nomination:

…I entered this race last summer as the only democratic candidate, and remain the only filed and declared democratic candidate for this office. I’m not running for any other office this cycle, and I never filed an exploratory committee to “test the waters”. I’m in this to win and to bring common sense back to this congressional district. So Tom’s decision will affect me, but I am plowing straight ahead to win this seat regardless of what he decides, and what my rumored potential rivals decide.

This got a quick return of serve from one Leslie Byrne, who has created an exploratory committee:

Doug: I respect your right to run but please do not ascribe motives to my exploratory committee that are not there(especially under the title of “Ethics in Campaigning”). My wish is to focus on this November 6th and getting our Democratic candidates elected…I will be phone banking for Chap Monday night. Where will you be? Regards, Leslie Byrne

There was a question as to whether this was the real Leslie Byrne. But given that she “signed” her name, and that her post was soon followed by what appears to be a Ben Tribbett comment-well, I think it is the real deal.

What can we infer from this blog?

1. The Democrats are already trying out lines to rationalize The Hoot losing to The Cooch next month;
2. Mr. Denneny is not quite ready for prime time in the immediate response world of the current political arena. If he were, he would he have taken even a veiled whack at a future rival-and for no good reason?
3. Ms. Byrne apparently is ready to go. She will not back off from challenges, and will not let any comment go unanswered. If you want to play in Ms. Byrne’s ballpark, you best come heavy or not come at all-because she obviously is all in.

Yep, come what may next Tuesday, we are in for an interesting Winter!

UPDATE: This PM Byrne told the WaPo that:

Democrat. Leslie L Byrne said today she will likely be a candidate for Congress in the 11th District , even if incumbent Rep. Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va) decides to seek reelection….”I am running, there is no question about it,” said Byrne, who held the seat between 1993 and 1995. “I am just waiting for the next election cycle to get done before we start on the next one.”

Like I said…she’s all in!


3 thoughts on “RK Liveblog Previews Future Democratic Issues…

  1. Don’t you “love” the way Virginia politics never ends.

    We are currently working on three different elections: ’07, ’08, and ’09, and we still haven’t finished talking trash about ’05 and ’06. I guess technically with Davis’ announcement that he wants to take on Webb in 2012 we ought to begin trading barbs over that election as well.

    Crazy state but I love it.

  2. Bwana:
    In this regard, I am going to have to agree with the Richmond Democrat and will further the point by saying,

    “Politics, Peanuts and Football!”

    It is a crazy Commonwealth, but I too love it and wouldn’t consider living in any other commonwealth/state in the union.

    Bwana Fan In Vienna

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