Cuccinelli-Oleszek: Friends Helping Friends; The Hoot doesn’t read Polls.

Announcements today at different timesplaces, and modes (don’t know how to link email) announce that both The Cooch and The Hoot are doing network television. The funny thing is that the announcement from Cooch was that Hoot was on network and so he needed more money to fight back, and the announcement for Hoot was that Cooch was on network so she needed more money to fight back.

They cannot agree on debates, but on this they agree-the other person is doing so well that more money is needed to fight back.

As Marshall Coleman once said: It’s just “Friends helping friends, neighbors helping neighbors.”

On the flip side, BVBL notes that when interviewed by Channel 9 Hoot saysthe immigration issue is a “red herring”. Cooch disagrees.

Apparently the general public is at odds with Hoot on this matter, also.  Hoot says all this only a week after WaPo polling indicated that in Nothern Virginia immigration is the second biggest concern of voters (after transportation)…and if you analyse the numbers as those polled in Northern Virginia who are likely to vote, then the issue moves to the top of the list.

Of course, Hoot cannot talk too much about transportation because even though she castigates Cooch for his vote on the bipartisan transportation package she refuses to talk about how she would vote on the same issue because that is a “hypothetical” question. She won’t talk about immigration because contrary to logic, polling, and citizen outcry, that issue is a “red herring”.  She wants to talk about stem cell research, but according to the WaPo poll above, no one else seems to be too interested in it.

Once you discard what Hoot won’t talk about, and the things her potential consituents are not fired up about talking about, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for her to make a case that she should go to Richmond.


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