Cuccinelli-Oleszek: The Hoot is Getting Desperate

I figured this AM that the Dems are getting more than a bit worried that Hoot will lose tomorrow, what with the incomplete and anit-Cooch storyon at RK that was rebuttedat NLS. Then there was that bizarre silliness about the email from a rogue Cooch supporter that the Hoot campaign manager felt needed distribution.

But I know now they are massively worried, because the robo calls going out against Cooch are telling a story that is incomplete and bordering on false.

But I get ahead of myself…

I got home from work early to SWMBO could head to class at GMU. Shortly thereafter we got a robocall that said that Cuccinelli is a free spender, and as proof said that he voted for the abuser taxes that exempt out of state drivers, and that the tax groups are against him because of this.

We know now how desperate Hoot is to resort to this kind of stuff.

First, after attacking Cuccinelli for months for not getting behind efforts-also known as “raising taxes”-to bring more transportation money to Northern Virginia, he suddenly is a tax and spend liberal? Yeah, Hoot, that one really is going to sell.

The next is simply not true. As has been well documented, Cuccinelli voted in favor of the original transportation plan legislation, but voted against the amended version proposed by the governor because of the exemption of out of state drivers from the abuser fees.

I really didn’t think Hoot would play fast and loose with the truth.

When it comes to the anti-tax groups, all I can tell is guys like Phil Rodonakis of the Virginia Club for Growth are “conflicted”about Cooch voting for the plan. You will recall that they want no new taxes, but seem to have no plan to run the state in the meantime. These groups have pointedly not endorsed or donated to Hoot this time around, so they are hardly against the Cooch-despite what the robo calls say.

The Hoot is desperate and resorting to desperate measures to pull out a victory in a race she should have tied down months ago.  We will see tomottow how many folks bite on these “red herrings” she keeps tossing out to obfuscate the lack of substance in her campaign and the dearth of plans she has offered.


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