Bwana Pretty Prescient, it seems…

I just had my attention directed to this post, which I wrote last January. I noted a WaPo article that quoted Brian Moran warning Jackson Miller to not be an “extremist”:

“If Delegate Miller sides with the politics of extremism, I would expect a competitive race this fall,” said Del. Brian J. Moran (D-Alexandria). “Whether on transportation or immigration, we need moderation on every issue. That’s how Harry Parrish led.”

I rebutted with:

“…no matter what Jackson Miller does this session, no matter how he votes, Moran will be back on the soapbox this fall claiming that Miller could have emulated Harry Parrish, and instead choses to side with the extremist elements of the GOP.”

Yeah, I think I nailed this one.


One thought on “Bwana Pretty Prescient, it seems…

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