NLS Outrage Shows Sam Nixon a Good Choice…

Sir Isaac Newton wrote “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”…and the partisan vitriol being spewn at NLS today must be the result of the Democratic reverses in Va-1 and Ohio 5. It falls into the “methinks thou doth protest too much” category.

To bad Sam Nixon gets to bear the brunt. Of course, if the NLS prediction is accurate, he better get used to it.

Driving to work today I had the thought that the RPV would do well to find a place in the leadership for Samuel A. Nixon, GOP delegate from Chesterfield and old pal of your humble blogger…and voila! NLS claims sources claim that Terry Kilgore will take a new committee chairmanship and that Sam will become Chairman of the House Republican Caucus. Ben then goes on to attack Sam for not raising tons of money the last few cycles, and for being inexperienced:

“This is why the Republicans keep losing seats in the General Assembly. Sam knows nothing about running a modern campaign, about raising the kind of money needed or about what issues are really hot in all the swing legislative districts”

Oh, there is more…

“Based on what was left after this election, I was going to say Republicans had about a 95% chance of holding their majority in 2009 in the House of Delegates. If the GOP is dumb enough to have someone this over their head as Caucus Chairman, the 2009 election is going to be a lot more competitive than I thought”

I can only assume Ben wrote this in a fury fueled by sugar from his birthday cake and disappointment in either democratic losses yesterday or democratic reactions to the losses yesterday.

Truth is that Sam Nixon may be exactly what the GOP needs. He is a principled conservative who can work with other people. He is very much one of those guys who sets goals and achieves them, and pays little mind to the naysayers.

I am not sure how being unopposed means he is incapable of exceling in the position he apparently will fill. Ben makes a lot of suppositions, but offers no facts to back them up. Of course, the posters who chimed in offer also no real evidence to back up their attacks.

So let me offer a few reasons why Sam Nixon is the right guy at the right time.

1. Safe seat, and has been unopposed. Anyone who has run unopposed for the last several elections despite representing a district that went for Kaine in 2005 and that Webb almost took in 2006 must be a pretty effective politician.

2. Sam is conservative, but not doctrinaire. He can work with and reason with people. I bet you he saves the GOP at least three seats in 2009 by doing what is necessary to avoid costly primaries that yield ideologue candidates.

3. Sam knows what he knows and what he doesn’t. He doesn’t have to be on the cutting edge of campaign technology to do his job. That is what you have pollsters, consultants, and technicians on staff. What he does have is the common sense to know what tactics make sense and what tactics are just stupid. Given that recent GOP campaigns have strayed sorely toward the stupid end of the tactical scale in the last few years, ahving someone guiding them away from that seems like a big plus. Besides, if knowing campaign techniques was the only thing that made a successful candidate, then Mudcat Sanders would be the junior senator from Virginia, and not Jim Webb.

4. Born in Martinsville, educated at JMU, longtime resident of Richmond, longtime career in the IT industry. While he is not from Northern Virginia or Tidewater, Sam is the kind of guy who will be equally comfortable raising money and recruiting candidates in all parts of the Commonwealth…as opposed to the purely regional focus the party too frequently displays. Some at NLS deride the Sam Nixon idea because he is not from Northern Virginia, and too far from Washington. Gosh, did the Chompawamsic bridge wipe out? Are the phone lines down? Sam Nixon will leading the caucus in delegate elections in a year when the only other election is in New Jersey. There will be plenty of money to be found, and plenty to be spent in Virginia.

I do admit to a personal bias. I have known Sam Nixon for over 25 years, and I know hard he works. I find the cries of democratics deriding his potential selection as amusing.

The NLS folks call him an uninspired choice…actually, they call him worse than that, some it bordering on the disgusting.

I think he is going to be the Dems worst nightmare, and if Sam gets the position the catcalls of today will be the democratic boo-hoos on election night 2009.


One thought on “NLS Outrage Shows Sam Nixon a Good Choice…

  1. Bwana:
    Once again you have hit the nail on then head. Sam IS a principled indvidual who is willing to work with anyone to achieve goals. As a businessman he definately knows how to form a plan and execute it. Sam makes perfect sense at this time.


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