I’m Feeling Sorry for Al “Windex” Pollard

I find I normally do not feel real sorrow for democratic candidates, but I am starting to feel the hurt for Albert Pollard.

Pollard gave up a delegate seat in 2005 due to some personal circumstance, then came back into politics this year as the Great Democratic Hope to grab the seat of retiring John Chichester…and almost did it.

In the meantime, the man who succeeded him in the House of Delegates, Rob Wittman, just got elected to the US House of Representatives.  Wittman will have to give up his General Assembly seat.

Now, knowing there would be a special election, had Rob Wittman resigned his seat during the campaign, then he would have been replaced on the ballot by the delegate district committee, said nominee would run unopposed, and the seat would stay in GOP hands without having to win a special election.  But that is another discussion…

Pollard’s name is already being dropped for the seat.  However, the GOP is not rolling over.  Word is out that “Austin Roberts, President and CEO of the Bank of Lancaster will be throwing his hat into the ring. Roberts brings plenty of cash with him into the race.”

This will not be a walkover for Pollard, and it is because of what will follow if he doesn’t win that makes me wince.

In the marvelous movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, the bride’s father believes that anything short of surgery can be cured by spraying on Windex. Democrats in Va-1 seem to think the same about Mr. Pollard…if there is an open seat they can run him for they can and will do so.

So it will be interesting to see what happens in the wake of the special election, because I have a hunch that win or lose his name will surface to run against Wittman in November 2008 for the full term to Congress.

Why? Because when you believe that you have a Windex that can cure any political ill, you roll it out whenever you can…and that is apparently how the Va-1 Dems look at Albert “Windex” Pollard.


2 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Sorry for Al “Windex” Pollard

  1. Bwana:
    I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him, it is kinda nice always being a plan A for someone. Also, it like a former football coach once said “Guys, this only cannot work for just so long!”

    Have a good day Bwana,


  2. Pollard is incredibly popular in his old HOD seat, and won the 99th convincingly this year. Money or no money the guy has a great organization in place and will take this seat with little difficulty.

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