Dear Burke Connection-The Cooch Won!

I have held off on writing this.  I hoped they would get with the program.

But sometimes the media falls down on their job and lets their prejudices to known they have to be called on it.

The legislature goes into session in two days…and the Burke Connection has not run a story on The Cooch beating The Hoot for the State Senate in Va-37….and I think that is just trashy, tacky, and wrong.

Perhaps this is no surprise-The Connection papers endorsed Hoot, and in the most glowing terms.  But after election day, while large articles were devoted to victories by democrats in General Assembly, Board of Supervisor, and School Board elections…no love for the Cooch.  He got a sidebar type article-sort of like you see used for community announcements-that noted he won by 92 votes and that Oleszek would ask for a recount.

We know that, because if you go to the connection newspapers main site, and click on the link for the Burke Connection, you can still find, as of 1700 hours on 1.7.2008, an article posted on 12.13.2007 titled 37th District Recount Set for Next Week. This journalistic gem includes the observation by the reporter that:

OLESZEK has good reason to be optimistic about what a recount might have in store for her. Del. Jim Scott (D-56) initially lost his first House of Delegates race by 16 votes in November 1991 but then ended up winning by one vote after the absentee ballots were re-checked a month later in December, Scott said.

That is not spin from the Hoot campaign, that is reporting offered by the Connection staff.

Try searching on articles about “Cuccinelli”…nothing except the “upcoming” recount.

Ridiculous. Silly. Unspeakable.

Now, as of last week there is a link to an article dated 1.2.2008 that is a year in review piece. Buried deep in this piece is the observation…:

“I am working on rebuilding the party locally. … on recruiting more people and finding more activists,” said Sen. Ken Cuccinelli (R-37), who is the only Republican senator from Fairfax and won his reelection by 101 votes.

…and that is it! That is all they have to say that indicates Cuccinelli won.

No coverage of the recount, no article on Cuccinelli winning, nothing on the reaction of the losing campaign.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

At least the Washington Post runs full articles on the political campaigns in its geographic areas- no matter how much they dislike the candidate, and in proportion to wins by candidates they like.

The Burke Connection has failed in its responsibility to report the news, and in doing so has revealed its extreme partisanship.

The whole team, from the editors to the folks that deliver the paper, should be ashamed. This inaction will serve to taint its political coverage for a long time to come.

BTW, just to be sure, I checked with the Cuccinelli campaign…and they confirmed they have seen nothing beyond sidebar reports just after election day that reports on the Cooch winning.  I didn’t contact The Hoot to ask her if she had seen any articles announcing with finality she lost.  It just didn’t seem right.


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