Dick Morris Gets in His Licks…

Remember Dick Morris?  The political consultant with the squeaky voice who worked with Bill Clinton to create the triangulation concept that helped Clinton win reelection in 1996?  The same guy who got a little too big for his britches and was removed from the Clinton universe?

Well, he is writing for the Rasmussen Reports, and the boy is getting a little back for himself!

I am a relatively late convert to reading the Rasmussen Reports, and have found they are good stuff.  But I cannot get over how much Morris enjoys putting the spurs to the Clintons!  A full list of his articles can be found here, and I will leave the full reading to you, but just to give you the flavor…

From December 8, 2007 on how Bill Clinton is hurting Hillary:

Bill’s high ratings are largely due to his nonpolitical activities in recent years…But when he gets down and dirty, defending his own record, rebutting attacks on Hillary or excoriating the media or his wife’s opponents, he acts very political and brings down the very ratings that made his intervention seem useful in the first place.

From December 15, 2007, on Hillary’s focusing on experience:

The decision that Hillary should run as the candidate of experience was an enormous blunder. In a Democratic electorate that’s in the party precisely because it so intensely dislikes things as they are and wants change, experience is the wrong virtue to stress.

From January 5, 2008, on Hillary in Iowa:

But what of Hillary? She’s down but she’s not out. Hillary Clinton, in the first really contested election of her own political career, lost dismally– outclassed, outdrawn, and outpolled by Barack Obama.

From January 5, 2008, on Hillary’s vision :

Fleetwood Mac would roll over in their musical graves if they could hear how the Hillary campaign has gotten into a time warp, obsessing with the 90s while a new political generation demands a focus on tomorrow…Suddenly, the Clintons have become old before our eyes. They are, as if by magic, now part of the past, no longer inevitable in the future. It took Obama and Huckabee to put them there, but they have become the couple that can’t stop thinking about yesterday.

I know that he who laughs last laughs best, but Morris is going after them with the bloodlust of an axe murderer with a score to settle…

Having said all this, Morris better hope Hillary does lose…because if she wins, won’t be no room at the inn for Dick Morris for at least four more years!


Despite Brother Morris proselytizing about how Bill hurts Hillary, one factor offered up as contributing to her NH win is his “fairy tale” speech attacking Obama on how he presents his Iraq record.  It may be stepping away from his statesmanship personna, but apparently it was quite effective!


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