Must See TV-“Jericho”-February 12-Mark it Down!

The great televsion drama Jericho comes back one month from now on February 12. For an opening taste…

In the current wasteland of network television, I have three must see (or will be must see) dramas…”Life”, “Friday Night Lights”, and “Jericho”.  The first is currently still on hiatus due to the writer’s strike, and although NBC has (after 1.11.2008) four original episodes of FNL left it is not promoting it at all as original episodes in a time when NO ONE has original episodes. Accordingly, I am troubled about its future.

Jericho is back after a fan protest and the shipment of tons of nuts to CBS made them change their minds.  I sincerely hope that this show, and all three, do well enough to come back next season!

Until then, watch all three.  I promise you will be entertained, and you will find it time well spent.


2 thoughts on “Must See TV-“Jericho”-February 12-Mark it Down!

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