Federian Spin…

I recently got a broadcast email from Judy Feder that in the fourth quarter in 2007 she raised $240,000.

This email reminded me how I have always admired the fervor with which Lowell Feld backs Judy Feder, especially with the positive spin he manages to put on everything she does.

For example, the $240,000 she raised is reported by Lowell to be “almost $250,000.00”. Her fundraising dropped from 297K to 240K in the fourth quarter, but he focused on how she is “building a war chest” and not how she brought in over 19% less money.  Despite losing by over 16% in 2006, he is confident that she wins in 2008.

Of course, he has to make her look good.  But what I really find interesting is the spin he gives to Congressman’s Wolf fundraising to try to make Wolf look bad. If Feder raises more, she claims Wolf is “over confident”. If she raises less, then Wolf is “running scared”.

The Feder campaign has already made the third quarter numbers,-where they outraised Wolf-sound like it was tantamount to winning the election. I can only imagine the comments that will fly if they are again successful.

Truth be told the comments over at RK make it sound like this round of contributions has already iced the election for Feder…of course, I imagine Mr. Wolf will insist they have an election rather than just hand over his seat. Shoot, he may actually outraise her!

I wonder what kind of comments will start to fly if that happens…

We shall see!


4 thoughts on “Federian Spin…

  1. Yes, the Feder spinmasters have been busy lately. I really cannot believe a very smart intellectual person like Professor Feder would attempt to run for this seat again after being smashed in 06 when everything was going for her. I really can’t figure out why she would waste so much of her time when commonsense shows she is going to lose big again. Feder is so far left of the 10th she makes Mark Warner and Jim Webb look like right wingers. Just remember that Lowell is a “paid” consultant for Feder. Its his job to put a positive spin on everything.

  2. There are several inaccuracies here that need to be corrected.

    1. I didn’t write the Feder press release on her 4th quarter fundraising, so I’m not sure why you’re talking about how I “spin” things. Also, she’s the one who raised the money, all I did was promote her on the blogs.

    2. I’m not sure how you figure that Judy’s fundraising fell. Here are the actual numbers for 2007:

    2nd quarter – $111K
    3rd quarter – $223K
    4th quarter – $241K

    That sure looks like an increase to me, no spin required whatsoever.

    3. I didn’t write “almost $250,000.00” — that was Tim Craig in the Washington Post (I linked to his article and blockquoted from it).

    4. Obviously, Judy’s outstanding fundraising success doesn’t mean that she still isn’t an underdog to entrenched incumbent Frank Wolf. Having said that, why on earth wouldn’t we celebrate great news for our candidate and take it as an optimistic sign for the future? What’s “spin” about that?

    5. The point about Wolf “running scared” is that his own fundraising appeals are sounding rather panicky. Don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourself. Oh, and if Frank Wolf wants to believe that he’s totally safe in his seat, that’s fine with me — just sit back, relax, and we’ll see what happens! 🙂

    6. I’ve said this a million times, but I’ll keep saying it: I strongly backed Judy Feder in 2006 when I wasn’t being paid a penny. I strongly backed Judy Feder during the first half of 2007 when I wasn’t being paid a penny. And now, I continue to strongly back Judy Feder, the only difference is that I’m being paid for my blogging assistance. Could it be that I simply dislike Frank Wolf and strongly believe that Judy Feder would make a superb Congresswoman for the 10th district? Or is that too straightforward in the ever-suspicious world of politics? 🙂

  3. 10-4 on the numbers…I have not been thinking straight the last couple of days and got numbers mixed up.

    I haven’t read the Wolf fundraising, but it is my assumption that all candidates run scared-complacency kills. However, I have noticed a consistent tone to comments about GOP incumbents that if they take their opponent seriously, they are “running scared” and presented as proof the challenger is on the verge of victory. Anything less is presented as being too confident and thus ripe for an upset.

    I know you strongly back Judy Feder, and I have no problem with that. But it is straightforward enough, I think, to allow for a second look at postings about the campaign to see if a grain of salt is needed.

    It’s less suspicion than a seasoned glance…

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