And A Child Leads Them…in Richmond

The Book of Isaiah speaks of millennial peace when it tells us that “A Child Shall Lead Them”…apparently the same can be said for increased perks after misleading campaign ads.

Ben Tribbett gives the full bloody details here, and was reportedby the WaPo.  At base, Democratic House Leader Ward Armstrong wants Speaker Bill Howell to increase the per diem for house members…after attacking GOP members during the 2007 legislative elections for accepting an increased per diem by claiming it was a pay raise.

Now, having attacked the GOP for a per diem increase, Delegate Armstrong wants the same per diem increase the Senate approved.

It should be noted that in the senate campaigns there was no attack regarding the per diem:

Saslaw said he doesn’t blame House Republicans for resisting calls to raise the allowance this year. Saslaw said that Senate Democrats, who picked up the four seats in the election needed to regain the majority, steered clear of using pay raises as an issue because they thought it was an unfair charge to make against GOP incumbents…”They cut off their own noses,” Saslaw said, referring to House Democrats.

Armstrong, presenting a pose of princely petulance, said:

“Every one of us has our own take on what is fair,” Armstrong said. “I don’t know how much longer we have to talk about a campaign that was over in November. This is the ’08 session.”

Ah, leadership…or what passes for it in the democratic caucus. Have they never heard the wisdom of Shakespeare? If you strike the King, you must kill him

Did Armstrong really think the Democrats could attack the GOP on an administrative matter like per diems and have the GOP rush like sheep to the slaughter to approve another increase? Did he really think he would not be held responsible?

I had a similar experience at home recently. Number one son did something he was not supposed to Wednesday a week ago. His punishment kicked in the next day. He thought it was unfair that he was being punished on Thursday for something he did on Wednesday.

Apparently Delegate Armstrong thinks the same thing…he must think his punishment for an unfair attack was that it didn’t work, and that everyone would forget.

Heh…with leadership like this the GOP should rest easy.


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