Connolly In, Game on…Will There Be Blood?

Gerry Connolly makes it official today.  He will be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the US House of Representatives in Virginia’s Eleventh congressional district.

He announces with allegedly $200K in his campaign fund, twice as much as Leslie Byrne…but no word on how he will counter the avalanche of union endorsements she has received.

While Connolly puts much faith in his record of being elected in Fairfax County, it will be interesting to see how his numbers run once you pull out the heavily democratic areas of the eighth district where he received huge majorities in past elections but will not be part of the district he is now running in. Connolly also has never had his name on the ballot in Prince William County.

By the same token, to my knowledge Mr. Connolly has never lost an election. Ms. Byrne has not won a general election since 1999, and has not received a majority in an election since her 1992 congressional campaign.

So it looks like the Democratic field will be:

    Gerry Connolly, who this blog will recognize by their Delta Tau Chi name: ChairGer
    Leslie Byrne, who this blog will recognize by their Delta Tau Chi name: LB3
    Doug Denneny, who this blog will recognize by their Delta Tau Chi name: D-Day
    Lori Alexander, who has yet to receive a Delta Tau Chi name.

This promises to be a real slugfest, and one of the pressing questions at play is how dirty and nasty will it get? Or, to paraphrase the title of a recent movie, “Will There Be Blood?”…or, as the fans of the movie might way, “Will Leslie grab Gerry’s milkshake?”

Making this question even more important is the likelihood that the GOP will rapidly coalesce around Keith Fimian, who has already raised a large warchest.

This race has so many implications and questions it boggles the mind:

Can a candidate who looks like a resident at Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends get elected to Congress?
Do Union endorsements weigh more than loaded moneybags?
Will Keith Fimian run as a devotee of Tom Davis, or of Ken Cuccinelli, or somewhere in between?
Will either or both major party nominee in Va-11 ultimately top $2 million dollars in campaign funds raised?
How will the political inexperience of D-Day and Lori A fare against their more experienced opponents?
How will the warfare to win an open seat impact fundraising in Va-10…or will it?

For political folks, spring 2008 keeps getting more and more interesting…


6 thoughts on “Connolly In, Game on…Will There Be Blood?

  1. bwana,
    I like my new Delta Tau Chi name “D-Day” and I like your style! I look forward to reading your blogs and jumping in now and then. Keep it up. I’m going to talk straight and talk about change. The real D-Day in the movie Animal House did the same, even driving a motorcycle through the frat house. I won’t do that, but both of us plan on shaking things up a bit and coming out on top!
    All my best,

  2. Cool, but accepting the dtx name means you accept the challenge of being able to use your fingers to plunk out the William Tell Overture against your throat…especially since you plan on ditching the motorcycle/stairs routine!

  3. To whom this may concern,

    May I please have a Delta Tau Chi name? I need all the help I can get being the youngest and poorest candidate. I do like “Lori A” if that’s okay.


    Lori Alexander
    Democratic Candidate, 11th Congressional District, Virginia

  4. Well, since you asked, OK. Your request is submitted to the Name Committee.


    Obviously, it cannot be Lori A, as (1) you suggested it, (b) I didn’t think of it, and (c) It is too pedestrian. The initial suggestion of “Lori Who?” is not only tacky but really has been taken in its own form by Edyth Harrison in her quixotic candidacy against John Warner in 1984 (Edyth Who?), so we have to seek other options.

    Quick research has failed to show a campaign website where I could gather enough info to make the call. However, the PWCo Dems have a survey response from you. And since you mention the dearth of campaign funds above, and since the survey says you can get donations through ActBlue, the committee found a reasonable choice.

    Lori Alexander’s requested Delta Tau Chi name is…


  5. I had the pleasure of meeting Loriblue at the Panera on Edsall rd, this afternoon. She was nice, and sincere. How well she’ll do against chairger remains to be seen. As for LB3… she held the seat and then lost it… why should we take a chance on her now?

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