Huckabee ain’t Going Quietly…

You know from the previous post that I caught some of the 2.10.2008 talking heads.  I also got to hear Mike Huckabee describe how he isn’t pulling anytime soon, if only because in part Republican’s believe that competition fosters excellence.

Tonight I got proof that he will be in longer than some anticipated.

Earlier today I got an auto-call from John McCain.  Surprisingly, he did not respond to any of my questions.

Tonight I got a call from the Huckabee campaign.  A lady with a lovely accent (she later said she was from Birmingham, AL) called to tell me that Governor Huckabee is a wonderful man, she hoped I would back him, could she answer questions, etc.  Very personable and friendly, and I had the thought that Huck is being backed by some genuinely good folks.

Then I took a gander at the caller ID.  This lady, who had identified herself by name, had called me from home.  This was not a robo-call, or a phone bank here in Virginia or someplace.  This lady believes in Huckabee enough to give up her evening to make calls and to foot the cost for the calls.

Candidates who have this kind of backing don’t drop out easily-if only because they don’t want to hurt those backing them.

Huckabee may not make it to the convention, but he is will be in for a while.

And don’t forget this…huckabee is only 51.  He will easily be in range in 2016 to run for the GOP nod, or even in 2012.  He may not win this year, but he ain’t leaving quietly this year, and he ain’t going away for a long time.


2 thoughts on “Huckabee ain’t Going Quietly…

  1. While Huck didn’t enter the race like, or quickly achieve the standing of, Reagan in ’76, I think he could finish like one. One of the stories of that GOP convention is Reagan’s impromptu speech from the floor of the convention, having just lost the voting. Could you imagine McCain offering a similar olive branch of a floor speech (either planned or impromptu) to Huckabee? I could, and I think Huckabee is one of the few orators in the GOP who could then hit a Reagan style home run… which would of course put him in a good spot for the future.

  2. It could happen in theory, but I don’t see it having the same impact.

    Reagan and Ford battled to the last month, and even onto the convention floor, with almost equal delegate totals. The numbers were so close that if you reversed the NH numbers from Ford to Reagan, then Reagan gets the nomination. Then, wanting to unify the party and also operating from a mistaken belief that Reagan was not a good impromptu speaker, the Ford camp invited Reagan to speak on the last night…and by the time he was through many Ford delegates realized that perhaps Reagan was the man they should have backed.

    This time, Huckabee will not be in the same delegate strength as Reagan was, so the emotional commitment with almost half the delegates will not be there. Knowing how good a speaker Huckabee is means that while he gets a primetime slot, it will be early in the convention to keep him from taking the spotlight off McCain. Plus, and this is a biggie, Reagan wasn’t a minister nor had he backed certain far from center ideas like the Fair Tax (without talking implementation) like Huckabee.

    I think Huckabee comes out of the convention with enhanced stature, but how enhanced depends in part on how long he stays in. If he gets swept in the Chesapeake Primaries, then I think he has to seriously consider getting out OR accept that staying and continue to drain resources from McCain will endanger his future options.

    Huckabee could come out of this a major player or could shoot himself in the foot.

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