Huckabee is bothering me at home…

Earlier today I wrote how on Sunday I got a personal phone call from a Huckabee supporter from Alabama, how nice she was, and what a good impression she made?

Apparently that was the lucky phone call.

Unbeknown to me, my wife caught a robo-call from Huckabee on Saturday.  Earlier today I got a push poll phone call clearly fronting for Huckabee and seemingly similar to ones referenced at Virginia Virtucon.  Tonight I got another robo-call, this one urging all pro-life supporters to vote for Huckabee.

So much for the grassroots effort of the Huckabee campaign…

Huckabee cannot win the nomination without lightning striking. If he gets whacked tomorrow in the Chesapeake Primaries (a term I prefer to the Potomac Primaries), then he needs to do a Romney. It is better for him and his future prospects if he not have the reputation as a spoiler, and it is better for his chances of the VP nod in 2008.


One thought on “Huckabee is bothering me at home…

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