Corey Stewart: Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Less than a week after trumpeting his willingness to save the GOP, His Preeminence Corey Stewart shows his idea of governance may not play well in Richmond at the same time Democrats use his antics to puff up and support Governor Kaine’s budgetary fandango’s.

At the same time that GOP legislators in Richmond are fighting off The Gov’s attempt to raid the state “Rainy Day Fund” to fund his own favored policies, His Preeminence not only wants to do the same thing but has eaten up the fund in doing so. At a time when Prince William County is facing a significant budget shortfall and will likely raise taxes, His Preeminence and his board have decided they have to deplete the rainy day fund to come up with scratch necessary to fulfill his anti-illegal immigration program…and by deplete I mean leave $3K in the fund for emergencies until the end of the fiscal year.

Remember, this is the guy who criticized the Virginia Senate and the new majority for trying to push through The Gov’s plans along with his funding ideas. In fact, His Preeminence said “[The Democratic Senate] need someone down there who is going to beat up on them,” he said. “They need me down there to break the bottleneck.”

Sounds to me like he is doing the same thing as County COB at home as he is criticizing The Gov for doing in Richmond. Both pushed certain programs, in victory both are certain they have to be implemented immediately, and both are willing to slash and burn emergency reserves to make it happen.

They are both wrong-raiding the rainy day fund for pet personal projects is wrong as can be. What is more disturbing is that His Preeminence doesn’t see what he is doing as being in any way, shape, or form to being the same thing as he wants to stop in Richmond!

His actions prove there is a danger to sending the well packaged candidate who is callow and untested to higher levels of governance.  I suggested the other day that Mr. Stewart has only shown himself to be a One Trick Pony…and this move shows how much he is willing to do to keep that One Trick in play.

His Preeminence has adopted either “Sauce for the Goose, Sauce for the Gander” as his political credo, or “Do as I Say, Not as I Do”

Either way, he clearly is not ready for Prime Time, and should work on making his actions consistent with his statements.


5 thoughts on “Corey Stewart: Do as I Say, Not as I Do

  1. Big James, I guess I missed the part of the briefing where they said that a unanimously-passed BOCS initiative cannot be a “pet personal project”.

    I imagine my perspective on this would be different had His Preeminence drained the rainy day fund on a matter that had not been his number one, critical, and perhaps sole issue powering him to reelection. It reinforces the One Trick Pony perception.

    My father lives in Manassas, and I am sympathetic to the need to deal with illegal immigration. But the prudent money manager side of me thinks that if your county fiscal situation is such that you face a deficit and a potential tax increase, you don’t blow out your reserve fund with over a third of your fiscal year left in play.

  2. This is not a knock on Corey Stewart but the whole BOS in PWC. I am as strong as they come on the idea of supporting the anti-illegal immigration effforts but there is absolutely NO way they should use the entire rainy day fund to do so.

    I firmly believe the subject of illegal immigration is the #1 issue in the county. Instead of finding a permanent solution to fund this problem the board took the easy way out and squandered their entire reserves. How foolish! There has to be a way to cut expenses county wide in PWC to pay for this but no Stewart and the BOS want to fund their projects without having the necessary fund on hand to do so. I do think illegal immigration is to the point of making emergency efforts but this funding should come out of the general budget not their savings which could be used in a time of disaster. Why not make large cuts to the budget countywide since this is such a big problem? If that does not work why not install an emergency fee county wide to cover this problem?

    It takes abolutely NO leadershp to spend your reserves in a time when all counties must tighten their belts.

  3. Bwana:
    I have to agree with “My Two Cents”. You need to make the appropriate cuts in the current budget to make up the revenue to launch the program or if as elected leaders, the PWCBOS feels the illegal immigration situation in PWC is at crisis levels, then institute the appropriate tax increase to cover it. DO NOT!!! I repeat, DO NOT Raid your reserve or, for lack of a better term, Rainy Day Fund to pay for a pilot program.
    Number 1, a localities reserves are one of the things rating agencies look at when determining a localities bond rating. In times like this when the economy is turning sour then you will need your reserves for emergencies.


  4. The incident is a window not just on the tom-foolery of using the immigration issue as an election year steroid, but also on the shallowness of pretensions to fiscal “conservatism” by a number of local pols, Mr. Stewart offering an amusing example for the moment. These cats are no more “conservative” than Bella Abzug (to use one of my favorite socialist voices from the past). But they decided long ago that the term buys votes and they’ll ride it for all it’s worth until voters start turning away.

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