Spamming Enlightenment

I began bloggin sporadically in June 2005, more actively four months later, and moved from the accursed blogger platform to WordPress in a process that was completed on February 6, 2007.

[Cue massive chorus singing “The Hallelujah Chorus]

In that time, the spam filter on this blog has picked off over 31,000 spam notices masquerading as comments.  I can only imagine the quantity of stuff that hits the high traffic sites.

What I find amazing is the broad variety of services offered via this spam.  I guess I was raised in a sheltered world, because these products are more amazing than what you find at the closest “As Seen on TV” store!

31,000 spams in a little over a year.  Looking over them, and noting the sheer quantity, I cannot help but feel somewhat enlightened…and a little bit dirty.

Thank goodness for spam filters.


3 thoughts on “Spamming Enlightenment

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