Huckabee Kicks off his New Campaign on SNL

Any doubt I may have had about Mike Huckabee and his current political plans were ended last Saturday night when Huckabee appeared on the “Weekend Update” portion of Saturday Night Live.

I have long suspected that Huckabee knows he is done for 2008, and stays in the game and on the stump as a way to continue building his organization and his name ID in preparation for a potential 2012 or 2016 campaign. Going on SNL and making fun of yourself is not something you do while you are in the think of a campaign. It is something done early in the process, before becoming an official candidate as part of an effort to make the candidate look more human and approachable.  John McCain did the same thing on SNL circa 2003 or so, and Obama made a quick stop on the last SNL episode prior to the writer’s strike kicking in (ironically, the skit was of a costume party hosted by Hillary Clinton).

Huckabee’s appearance is further proof that he knows he is toast this year, and is staying in the race as part of a future campaign.  He knows that his name ID and positives went up after his boffo appearance on Jay Leno the night prior to the Iowa caucus, and hopes this will do the same.

So click the link above, enjoy yourself, and remember you have just seen the first media appearance of the 2012/2016 campaign.


3 thoughts on “Huckabee Kicks off his New Campaign on SNL

  1. Hoobie, while I admire you Battlestar Gallactica linguistics, don’t go betting the house. A future nationwide candidacy is the only reason to stay in this long. The Huck could have pulled a week ago and still have been guaranteed a speaking slot at the convention….and the evangelical presence is too strong in the GOP to deny it a platform voice.

    No, Huck is already gearing up for a future run…

  2. Is he gearing up for another presidential run or trying to shore up his leadership of the evangelical movement? In 1988, Pat Robertson used his run as a springboard to greater political influence behind the scenes.

    The evangelical movement is now undergoing something of a sea change. While it will never be liberal on issues of abortion or same sex marriage, a lot of young evangelicals care about the environment, poverty, and social justice issues as well as the abortion and same sex marriage issues. In fact, many of them say they are put off by the constant emphasis on the culture wars.

    Huckabee, although a social conservative, also has a populist streak. He seems to be much more than a one issue values candidate.

    He may be vying to be, not the king, but a kingmaker.

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