The 2008 Arnold Classic Starts Today…

Today marks the start of arguably the second most important bodybuilding event in the world-The Arnold Classic.

While the exercise has grown into a multi-discipline athletic festival highlighting everything from aerobic fitness to martial arts, and the name has changed to The Arnold Sports Festival, the thing that got it going still puts The Arnold on the map-bodybuilding.

The Arnold provides a counterpoint to the Mr. Olympia contest, which has grown to focus on definition within mass. The Arnold seems to focus more on pure form, regardless of how big the contestant is.

This year’s field is:

Melvin Anthony
Gustavo Badell
Adorthus Cherry
Toney Freeman
Kai Greene
Deshaun Grimez
Phil Heath
David Henry
Dexter Jackson
Johnnie Jackson
Desmond Miller
Ronny Rockel
Silvio Samuel
Branch Warren

In looking at this field, I am curious about three things:

1. Why did Dennis Wolf not participate? Is he so fired up for the 2008 Olympia after his “fan favorite” Fifth Place in 2007 that he is completely focused on running the table in Las Vegas?

2. How will Phil Heath do? Heath stunned the world with twin victories upon coming a professional bodybuilder, but had to put on more bulk to compete with the big boys. He is fresh off a win at the IFBB Ironman Pro, and many pick him as the favorite.

3. Branch Warren-what’s the story? Will his hyper developed granularity be able to carry the day? His 2006 Olympia finish (12th) was a disappointment, and he pulled from the 2007 event. While he was second at the 2006 Arnold, he fell to 7th in 2007. Is 2008 the year of atonement and resurgence? We shall see!

Good Luck to all!


7 thoughts on “The 2008 Arnold Classic Starts Today…

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  2. I think we are going to see Phil Heath do well, more than likely win The Arnold.

    He has managed to mass up spectacularly and is maintaining a tone level that I think the other competitors are going to find hard to compete with now.

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