C-SPAN Radio and the Tex/OH Aftermath-Obama Bitterness

Normally I start each day with a hot breakfast I prepare and reading the WaPo, which allows me to face the threat of heartburn from multiple directions.  I clean my dishes, fill my thermos, and head to work and use the time on the road to cogitate and ruminate over whatever is on my mind.

On the day after an election, things are different.  I check in to C-SPAN radio to at best get a different perspective and at worst to be entertained by the wailing of the banshees.

Today was no exception.  The Obama-ites are apparently quite miffed with Hillary.  Some comments I heard included:

From a female caller ( won’t attempt to guess the ethnicity of those who phoned in):

“Being classy and trying to lift campaign dialogue just doesn’t sell…people value ignorance and arrogance, and that’s why people voted for Hillary Clinton.  People say she is a hero, but she isn’t…she’s just gumming up the works and should go away.”

Hmmmm…I guess she likes a little bitter with her coffee

A male caller:

“Hillary Clinton is through.  She cannot win.  She should do the right thing and drop out and go back to New York and revive her future political career.  Maybe she can be something in the Obama cabinet.”

While I loved the energy, I was taken by the fact that the WaPo reported this AM that both Hillary and Obama need to win 60% of the delegates yet to be selected to win the nomination…so I guess neither one needs to be dropping out quite yet.  I really loved the idea that HRC can revive her career.  Apparently the caller hasn’t considered that if she loses the nomination to Obama and he wins in November, then she will be 68 when she next reasonably gets a shot at the democratic nod.

Another male caller:

“Hillary is a fraud, she is not for change.  If she wins the nomination, I am going to vote for McCain.”

That one left me speechless…

The calls continued in this type of stream of conscious angry moment degree.  Clearly there must be a lot of Obama backers who don’t see why Hillary doesn’t drop out.  I hate to disappoint them, but that ain’t happening until after Pennsylvania.

Speed surfing around the tube last night it became clear that the Democratic contest is far from over, and that this nomination might well end up pivoting on two questions:

a) What is the proper role of Super Delegates?  Should they vote as they see fit, or are should they vote as their state voted?

b) Florida and Michigan.  Change direction and let them partially or completely in? Stand fast, do not allow the delegates as selected to be seated?  Allow a do over?  This may be the critical question.  Remember, the rules have stricken Michigan or Florida of their votes for holding their primaries too early, they have simply said we will not seat delegates chosen in those premature primaries…and that places an unusual strain on the process.  It takes 2025 delegates to get the Democratic nod, but that includes the pledged delegate votes from MI/FL…which means that the winner currently has to win 54% of the pledged or super Delegate votes available.

All I know is that this shindig is far from over…and that if this race makes it as far as the North Carolina primary, I bet John Edwards becomes the kingmaker.


One thought on “C-SPAN Radio and the Tex/OH Aftermath-Obama Bitterness

  1. On the subject of a potential Obama administration (or for that matter Clinton II), there is an interesting project in pure democracy just getting started on the web: automated and continuously updated ‘approval style’ voting on VP, cabinet, and major posts. Approval style voting means you can vote for as many of the choices as you approve. The results are instantly viewable and the system is fairly tamper proof (won’t allow multiple voting from the same computer). The lists of nominees are continually expanded to include all other reasonable suggestions. Voting may be anonymous and votes may be changed at any time. The site will remain open indefinitely for follow up research or re-voting any time (also please spread the word so as to improve the sample): http://puredem.wordpress.com

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