Feder “Out of State”, Connolly “Over the Top”, LB3 in Denial

My bad knee has been diganosed as a torn meniscus. Bwana tv-fave Jericho has officially been cancelled, the Rock and Roll Nurse was booted from American Idol-guaranteeing us weeks of boring same old, same old performances…oh, and my NCAA hoops pool picks are shot to pieces.

So, we turn to more mundane subjects…back at the ranch, life is popping in the Northern Virginia congressional races…and generally courtesy of the WaPo.

Recently, the Wapo caught up to one of the prominent facts about Judy Feder’s fundraising, namely that the bulk of her fundraising to date has come from out of state. Given that this is exactly what happened two years ago, it seems surprising that the Post took this long to see that Feder has been unable to establish a reasonable fundraising base in the 10th district. Even the Federian spin on the matter is interesting…:

Feder asserted that Wolf was in her position during his successful 1980 campaign against incumbent Joseph L. Fisher (D). In an Oct. 18, 1980, article, The Washington Post reported that “nearly half of Wolf’s money has come from political action committees and other special action groups, many of them outside Virginia.”

…which does not seem to address the question at hand. Or, put another way and given the context of the article, in the midst of of a second general election campaign effort against an incumbent in a presidential year it would seem that Frank Wolf was already getting over half his money from inside Virginia.

I expect the Feder campaign to spin away from this issue as quickly as possible…although I see the possibility of Feder being labeled as “the candidate from [fill in the blank]” if she continues to focus on out of state money.

Life is really popping in Va-11. ChairGer was the target of a mailing from the Emily’s List PAC, and he was accused of “bullying, over-the-top tactics” as an elected official. ChairGer responded in a recent event by suggesting that LB3 “has a history of going really negative, really fast.” LB3 denied any part in the mailing, then said her campaign paid the EMILY list mailing expenses to put out the mailing.  But while clearly the LB3 team had a hand in the mailing, can you look at some of ChairGer’s antics and deny the “over-the-top” label?

All this happens while D-Day and LoriBlue are ignored by the media…which perhaps makes the recent “Kindler” diary at RK more significant. This post suggests that Va-11 is not a lock for the winner of the Democratic primary, and proceeds to list reasons based in GOP fundraising and geography.

In other Virginia news, the DCCC targets three Virginia GOP candidates…and in doing so gives us some of the wishfulness the democrats have for 2008. They are targeting Va-11, which makes sense as it is open; Va-2, which make sense because of the close 2006 race; and Va-10, where they say “Rep. Wolf will face a tough challenge from a strong Democratic candidate fighting for change.” The reason for the target here is “a strong Democratic candidate”. What struck me as unusual is that there were several GOP incumbents who are listed as targeted because they will face strong opposition, but the democrats won’t name that “strong candidate”. One would think they would go on and list these “strong candidates”.

Yep, tv faves may disappear and the body fail, but Old Man Politico just keeps rolling along!


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