Cheeky Talk in Va-10

I have on occasion mentioned an idea as coming out of the Federian Spin Zone. A recent check of my email suggests that Judy Feder has sent out a message that has to be recognized for both creativity and cheek.

I sign up for emails from about every candidate out there, and got one last week from the Feder campaign claiming she was the victim of “negative attacks” by GOP surrogates, it will only make her stronger, etc.

H’mmm…so far this is nothing unusual here…candidate A claims they are under attack, here is what they are saying and it so, so untrue…and they desperately need more money to show they won’t falter, won’t fade, etc…

In that sense Ms. Feder’s email blast is only to be expected.  Move along folks, nothing to see here…

What is so cheeky is that she doesn’t say what the attack is.

You can see the text here. Ms. Feder doesn’t say what was said. She doesn’t say who said it, or when, but assures us she will soldier on in the face of these nameless, content-less assaults she alleges are happening.

Perhaps this is in regard to the recent WaPo article that stated that almost three quarters of her listed donors are not residents of Virginia. While this is not a new fact, and was noted early in 2006, it is the first time that the MSM has caught up to the idea that Ms. Feder is not receiving huge financial support from within the jurisdiction or even the state she wants to represent in Congress. I just did not realize until now that the WaPo is considered to be a Republican ally of anyone.

There is also a degree of cheekiness found in the fact that Ms. Feder has been attacking Congressman Wolf everyday since she announced in late Spring 2006 in the prelude to her election day whooping six months later. Ever since then it is quite alright for Ms. Feder and her staff to attack Mr. Wolf but if anything is said that is not laudatory of her she goes from battle tested policy champion to meek, beset flower of womanhood being unjustly hounded in about a nanosecond.

What is that saying about “sauce for the goose…” ?

Well, I imagine this is not the last of such charges by Ms. Feder.  After all, this is the campaign that has alternately flayed Congressman Wolf for allegedly not taking her candidacy seriously and later flayed him for allegedly taking her campaign seriously.

Either way, letters like this must provide some degree of comfort for the Wolf campaign.  They were already on notice that anything they did, not matter how mundane, will be interpreted as an attack.  Now they know that things they don’t do will also be interpreted-or at least reported-as an attack.

And in case you didn’t notice, there is a word for that.

Yep, it’s all quite cheeky.


2 thoughts on “Cheeky Talk in Va-10

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  2. Here is the deal with Feder:

    1.I have to believe many Democrats outside of the hardest of the hard-core lefties think she has absolutely no chance of winning and as a matter of fact they think she will lose by a much higher margin this year with McCain on the top of the ticket. Democratic bloggers are now arguing over the viability of her campaign in the first place.

    2. The Post article of outside money interest in a completely accurate portrayal of her campaign right now. She has little to no “in-district” support throughout the 10th so she has compensated with her past ties to national democrats and health care. This just won’t work for a congressional candidate.

    3. If there was ever an inappropriate candidate for the 10th dems its Feder. An academic who really has no clue about the district in which she is running. She just comes off as an overtly national(non-local) leftist partisan that drives voters away with her excessive attack rhetoric on a longtime Congressman who is very well liked on all sides. This is completely inappropriate conduct for a candidate in a district like the 10th. “Progressives” like the folks at RK have not figured out you don’t run candidates like Feder in districts like the 10th.

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