Done Wrong by Coochian Technology

Virginia state Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R-37), a/k/a “The Cooch” and “SenKen” invited me to participate in a blogger conference call today.

I had hoped to report the ins and outs and happenings of what promised to be a prelude to an announcement of his candidacy for Attorney General of Virginia.

Instead, I can only offer a very different report.

 Truth be told, I almost was not invited even though I am a blogger and a constituent…apparently the staff thought I was a Democrat.  That idea was dispelled, I was sent the number and the access code, and at 1158 I dialed in…and was greeted by the Cooch himself!

In a spirit of good fellowship, I said “Is this Ken Cuccinelli, the next Attorney General of Virginia?”  Response, “Yep”.

Since it was just the two of us, he decided to try the “mute” feature for the conference call  to see if it worked…and if “working means” it was to cut me off from speaking to him.  He muted, I heard a message that I was muted, he came back on, and he could not hear me.

I can only think my wife will be ordering one of these soon.

He announced he was calling back in, and somehow I got cut off.  I called back in, got access, heard some voices-none of whom could hear me-and was again cut off.

This time the redial attempt(s) on the land line were not successful.  Each attempt led, after a long silent pause, to the
“fast busy” tone that typically means the system is loaded down or some technical difficulty is being enjoyed.

I attempted to reconnect using my cell phone, and was told that all circuits were engaged.

So, it appears that I have reclaimed the time intended to be on the conference call to post a blog piece about how I was excluded from the conference call due to Coochian selected technology.

It has been quite a few days…Judy Feder wants money to respond to GOP attacks but cannot tell us what the attacks were, Cooch’s staff somehow thinks I am a Democrat (Lowell still is amazed by this), and then SenKen’s tinkering  allows him to cut me off from a conference call he invited me to be part of…normally it takes me several hours, bad singing, and lots of grain products to get me evicted from an event… 

…This is all before I get to talking about the upcoming arthroscopic surgery.

As they used to say on Hee Haw:

Doom, despair, and agony on me
Deep dark depression, excessive misery
If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all
Doom, despair, and agony on me!

Had I been allowed to participate, I would have asked about geographic balance and what the GOP  must do to get better numbers in Northern Virginia (among other questions)…now, I will simply sit and think on what might have been.

Whatever happens on the conference call, a good luck from here to my state senator on his apparent and tentatice upcoming candidacy!


10 thoughts on “Done Wrong by Coochian Technology

  1. Bwana, I was on the call as well, I heard Ken hang up and dial back in; after confirming that you were still muted, he said we would wait a few minutes for others to join in. Then after fifteen minutes of silence, I hung up and tried to re-dial, and got nothing.

    So, you are not alone.

  2. Sorry Bwana, it wasn’t just you… it didn’t work. Bummer. We will have a video up on YouTube as fast as we can.

  3. A video of the teleconference? That would be amusing. 😉

    Well, at least I got to hear the dulcet tones of my state senator’s voice for twenty seconds or so before his chosen technology cast me out into the darkness. (deep, dark depression, excessive misery…)

    I hope all went well at the announcement…

  4. Bwana:

    I love HEE-HAW!!!!! I was forced to watch it as a kid when my grandparents baby-sat me. My grandfather was a big fan….don’t forget…

    “I searched the world over
    And thought I found true love…
    But she met another
    and *bthhhhhh* she was gone!!!”


  5. Bwana, to add insult to your injury, I’m a Democrat and I got invited 🙂

    I think it was the being a constituent thing.

    But I was running a few minutes late and by the time I dialed in, about 12:10, I got a busy signal. I tried several times before giving up.

    But my post about it was much less entertaining than yours!

  6. Bwana:

    What? No witty comment? I love your blog and thought you’d make some kind of sarcastic comment about my Hee-Haw reference!

  7. Well, first off I would never inflict sarcasm on a reference to Hee Haw, as I too sat through many an episode with my grandparents. I always chuckle when I think of such lovely observations as:

    “Hee Haw salutes quinque, va, population 127…..SA-LUTE!!”

    Also, sarcasm would not come into play as sarcasm is intended to wound and hurt. A facetious or ironic reference, perhaps…but never sarcasm.

    Besides Hee Haw and the Hee Haw girls provided a fine viewing counter-point, as I seem to remember that Hee haw came right after or right before “Lawrence Welk”…

  8. Ok Bwana:
    I was a watcher of HeeHaw with my grandparents as well. It is how I saw that Roy Clarke was one of the better guitar players that has played. Interesting observation that two of country musics famous guitar players both have the first name “Roy”.

    Anyway, will wait to see whom else joins the fray for the Rep nom for AG. Good Luck to SenKen (not an endorsement, just good wishes)


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